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StEStructTrack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEStructTrack:

Public Member Functions

 StEStructTrack (StEStructTrack *track)
void FillTransientData ()
void evalPt ()
void evalPtot ()
void evalYt ()
void evalXt ()
void evalCurvature ()
void evalFourMomentum (float mass=0)
void evalPID ()
void evalMass ()
void evalTrajectory (float primvx, float primvy, float primvz, double bfield)
void FillTpcReferencePoints ()
Float_t Px () const
Float_t Py () const
Float_t Pz () const
Float_t Eta () const
Float_t Phi () const
Float_t Bx () const
Float_t By () const
Float_t Bz () const
Float_t BxPrimary () const
Float_t ByPrimary () const
Float_t BzPrimary () const
Float_t BxGlobal () const
Float_t ByGlobal () const
Float_t BzGlobal () const
Int_t PID () const
Int_t PID_dEdx () const
Int_t PID_ToF () const
Float_t PIDe_dEdx () const
Float_t PIDpi_dEdx () const
Float_t PIDp_dEdx () const
Float_t PIDk_dEdx () const
Float_t PIDd_dEdx () const
Float_t PIDe_ToF () const
Float_t PIDpi_ToF () const
Float_t PIDp_ToF () const
Float_t PIDk_ToF () const
Float_t PIDd_ToF () const
Float_t beta () const
Float_t Dedx () const
Float_t Mass () const
Float_t Chi2 () const
Float_t AssignedMass () const
Float_t MidTPCRadius () const
Float_t OuterMidTPCRadius () const
Float_t MaxRadius () const
Float_t EndCapRadius () const
Int_t EndCapOuter () const
Int_t EndCapOuterMid () const
Int_t NFitPoints () const
Int_t NFoundPoints () const
Int_t NMaxPoints () const
Int_t DetectorID () const
Int_t Flag () const
Short_t Charge () const
ULong_t TopologyMapData (const Int_t word) const
UInt_t TopologyMapTPCNHits () const
int getYtBin () const
Float_t Pt () const
Float_t Ptot () const
Float_t Mt (Float_t mass) const
Float_t E (Float_t mass) const
Float_t Eta (Float_t mass) const
Float_t Rapidity (Float_t mass) const
Float_t Dca () const
Float_t DcaPrimary () const
Float_t DcaGlobal () const
Bool_t isComplete () const
const StThreeVectorFNominalTpcExitPoint () const
const StThreeVectorFNominalTpcEntrancePoint () const
const StThreeVectorFMidTpcPoint () const
const StThreeVectorFOuterMidTpcPoint () const
const StThreeVectorFStartPos () const
const StLorentzVectorFFourMomentum () const
const StPhysicalHelixDHelix () const
Float_t Xt () const
Float_t Yt () const
Float_t Yt (Float_t mass) const
Float_t Curvature () const
void SetPx (Float_t px)
void SetPy (Float_t py)
void SetPz (Float_t pz)
void SetEta (Float_t eta)
void SetPhi (Float_t phi)
void SetBx (Float_t bx)
void SetBy (Float_t by)
void SetBz (Float_t bz)
void SetBxPrimary (Float_t bxp)
void SetByPrimary (Float_t byp)
void SetBzPrimary (Float_t bzp)
void SetBxGlobal (Float_t bxg)
void SetByGlobal (Float_t byg)
void SetBzGlobal (Float_t bzg)
void SetPIDe_dEdx (Float_t pide)
void SetPIDpi_dEdx (Float_t pidpi)
void SetPIDp_dEdx (Float_t pidp)
void SetPIDk_dEdx (Float_t pidk)
void SetPIDd_dEdx (Float_t pidd)
void SetPIDe_ToF (Float_t pide)
void SetPIDpi_ToF (Float_t pidpi)
void SetPIDp_ToF (Float_t pidp)
void SetPIDk_ToF (Float_t pidk)
void SetPIDd_ToF (Float_t pidd)
void SetBeta (Float_t beta)
void SetDedx (Float_t dedx)
void SetMass (Float_t mass)
void SetChi2 (Float_t chi2)
void SetMassAssignment (float mass)
void SetNFitPoints (Int_t nfit)
void SetNFoundPoints (Int_t nfound)
void SetNMaxPoints (Int_t nmax)
void SetDetectorID (Int_t did)
void SetFlag (Int_t flag)
void SetCharge (Short_t charge)
void SetTopologyMapData (const int word, const ULong_t map)
void SetTopologyMapTPCNHits (Int_t nhits)
void SetComplete ()
void SetInComplete ()
void SetHelix (StPhysicalHelixD h)

Static Public Attributes

static StThreeVectorD PrimVertex = StThreeVectorD(0,0,0)
static Float_t BField = 4.9845

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file StEStructTrack.h.

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