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StETofHit Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StETofHit ()
 Default constructor.
 StETofHit (const unsigned int sector, const unsigned int zPlane, const unsigned int counter, const double &time, const double &tot, const unsigned int clusterSize, const double &localX, const double &localY)
 Constructor with detailled assignment. More...
 StETofHit (const StETofHit &)
 Copy constructor.
 ~StETofHit ()
unsigned int sector () const
unsigned int zPlane () const
unsigned int counter () const
double time () const
double totalTot () const
 Total Tot.
unsigned int clusterSize () const
 Cluster size.
double localX () const
double localY () const
StTrackassociatedTrack ()
 pointer to the track which has been matched to this hit
StTrackassociatedTrack () const
 pointer to the track which has been matched to this hit
unsigned int idTruth () const
 mc-true associated track id in simulation
unsigned int qaTruth () const
 quality of this information (percentage of charge produced by mIdTruth)
bool operator< (const StETofHit &rhs) const
 Sorting using the time, assumes Digis are in same reference frame (e.g. same epoch). More...
int compare (const StObject *obj) const
int compare (const StETofHit *hit) const
void setHwAddress (const unsigned int iSector, const unsigned int iZPlane, const unsigned int iCounter)
void setSector (const unsigned int sector)
void setZPlane (const unsigned int zPlane)
void setCounter (const unsigned int counter)
void setTotalTot (const double &tot)
void setTime (const double &time)
void setClusterSize (const unsigned int clustSize)
void setLocalX (const double &X)
void setLocalY (const double &Y)
void setAssociatedTrack (StTrack *trk)
void setIdTruth (unsigned short idtruth, unsigned short qatruth=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file StETofHit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StETofHit::StETofHit ( const unsigned int  sector,
const unsigned int  zPlane,
const unsigned int  counter,
const double &  time,
const double &  tot,
const unsigned int  clusterSize,
const double &  localX,
const double &  localY 

Constructor with detailled assignment.

[in]sectorsector Id.
[in]zPlaneeTof Z-Plane.
[in]countercounter Id.
[in]timeabsolute raw time [ns].
[in]totraw Time Over Threshold [ns].
[in]clusterSizenumber of strips that are clustered in one hit
[in]localXlocal X position on detector [cm].
[in]localYlocal Y position on detector [cm].

Definition at line 42 of file StETofHit.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

bool StETofHit::operator< ( const StETofHit rhs) const

Sorting using the time, assumes Digis are in same reference frame (e.g. same epoch).

ordering operators sorted by calibrated time.

Definition at line 86 of file StETofHit.cxx.

References time().

void StETofHit::setHwAddress ( const unsigned int  iSector,
const unsigned int  iZPlane,
const unsigned int  iCounter 


Definition at line 118 of file StETofHit.cxx.

References counter(), sector(), and zPlane().

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