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StEmcMicroCluster Class Reference

#include <StEmcMicroCluster.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StEmcMicroCluster (StEmcMicroCluster *)
Float_t getEta ()
 Return Eta of the cluster.
Float_t getPhi ()
 Return Phi of the cluster.
Float_t getSigmaEta ()
 Return SigmaEta of the cluster.
Float_t getSigmaPhi ()
 Return SigmaPhi of the cluster.
Float_t getEnergy ()
Int_t getNHits ()
 Return Number of hits of the cluster.
StEmcMicroHitgetHit (Int_t hiId)
 Return one hit of the cluster.
void addHit (StEmcMicroHit *hit)
void setEta (Float_t e)
void setPhi (Float_t p)
void setSigmaEta (Float_t s)
void setSigmaPhi (Float_t s)
void setEnergy (Float_t e)

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This is the EMC micro cluster object.

Definition at line 13 of file StEmcMicroCluster.h.

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