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StEmcMicroUtil Class Reference

#include <StEmcMicroUtil.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEmcMicroUtil:

Public Member Functions

void processStEvent ()
 Process StEvent and convert it on StEmcMicroEvent.
void processMicroEvent ()
 Process StEmcMicroEvent and convert it on StEvent.
void processStEventInfo ()
 Process StEvent general info.
void processStEventTracks ()
 Process StEvent tracks.
void processStEventV0 ()
 Process StEvent V0.
void processStEventEMC ()
 Process StEvent EMC collection.
void processStEventFPD ()
 Process StEvent FPD collection.
Float_t calcDcaSigned (StTrack *)
 Calcs DCA signed.
void processMicroEventInfo ()
 Process StEmcMicroEvent general info.
void processMicroEventTracks ()
 Process StEmcMicroEvent tracks.
void processMicroEventV0 ()
 Process StEmcMicroEvent V0.
void processMicroEventEMC ()
 Process StEmcMicroEvent EMC collection.
void createTrack (StTrack *, StEmcMicroTrack *)
 Creates StEmcMicroTrack from StTrack.
void createTrack (StEmcMicroTrack *, StTrack *)
 Creates StTrack from StEmcMicroTrack.
StEmcMicroEventgetMicroEvent (StEvent *)
 Returns StEmcMicroEvent.
StEventgetStEvent (StEmcMicroEvent *)
 Returns StEvent.
void setPrimaryFilter (StEmcFilter *f)
void setGlobalFilter (StEmcFilter *f)
void setSavePrimaries (Bool_t a)
 Save or don't primary tracks. Default is kTRUE. Track selection is done by PrimaryFilter.
void setSaveGlobals (Bool_t a)
 Save or don't global tracks. Default is kTRUE. Track selection is done by GlobalFilter.
void setSaveEmc (Bool_t a)
 Save or don't EMC data. Default is kTRUE.
void setSaveFpd (Bool_t a)
 Save or don't FPD data. Default is kFALSE.
void setSaveV0 (Bool_t a)
 Save or don't V0 data. Default is kFALSE.

Protected Member Functions

void clearGarbage ()

Protected Attributes

StEmcGeommGeo [4]
StTrackmV0Tracks [MAXV0TRACKS]
Int_t mNV0Tracks
Bool_t mDoSavePrimaries
Bool_t mDoSaveGlobals
Bool_t mDoSaveEmc
Bool_t mDoSaveFpd
Bool_t mDoSaveV0

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This class has many utilities to convert StEvent format into StEmcMicroEvent format.

Definition at line 20 of file StEmcMicroUtil.h.

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