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StEmcPmtSimulator Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEmcPmtSimulator:
StEmcSimpleSimulator StEmcVirtualSimulator

Public Member Functions

 StEmcPmtSimulator (StDetectorId det, StEmcSimulatorMode mode)
StEmcRawHitmakeRawHit (const StMcCalorimeterHit *mcHit)
 workhorse function
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEmcSimpleSimulator
 StEmcSimpleSimulator (StDetectorId det, StEmcSimulatorMode mode)
void setTables (const StBemcTables *tables)
 DB access for peds, calib coeffs, etc.
void setCalibScale (float scale)
 scale the hit energy using a Gaussian distribution with this mean
void setCalibSpread (float spread)
 scale the hit energy using a Gaussian distribution with this width
void setEmbeddingMode (bool flag)
 if true, don't add pedestal noise to the hit
void setMaximumAdc (double adc)
 mean value for maximum possible ADC
void setMaximumAdcSpread (double spread)
 max ADC will be calculated by sampling a Gaussian with this width

Protected Attributes

StPmtSignal mPmtSignal
StPmtSignal::simulatorVersion mVer
double mMipPhotoElectrons
double mMipEnergyDeposit
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEmcSimpleSimulator
StDetectorId mDetectorId
StEmcSimulatorMode mMode
const StBemcTablesmTables
const StEmcGeommGeom
double mSF [3]
double mMaxADC
double mMaxADCSpread
bool mEmbeddingMode
double mCalibScale
double mCalibSpread
TRandom3 mRandom

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from StEmcVirtualSimulator
enum  StEmcSimulatorMode {
  kTestMode, kSimpleMode, kPrimaryOnlyMode, kPrimarySecondaryFullMode,
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StEmcSimpleSimulator
double samplingFraction (double eta)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file StEmcPmtSimulator.h.

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