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StEmcPointAssociation Class Reference

#include <StEmcAssociationMaker.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StEmcPointAssociation (StMcTrack *, StEmcPoint *, int)
const StEmcPointgetPoint () const
 returns pointer to the EMC point
int getAssociation () const
 returns Association information between MC track and EMC point
int getAssociation (int det)
 returns bit information (0,1) for each EMC subdetector
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEmcAssociation
 StEmcAssociation (StMcTrack *t)
const StMcTrackgetTrack () const
 returns pointer to the MC track

Detailed Description

Alexandre Suaide

This class hold association information between MC tracks and EMC Points. The Association information is a bit map that corresponds the the clusters that compose the point that could be associated to the MC track. The association information is a bit map in which:

- bit 0 = 1 - Tower cluster is associated in that point
- bit 1 = 1 - Pre shower is associated
- bit 2 = 1 - SMD-eta is associated
- bit 3 = 1 - SMD-phi is associated

Definition at line 153 of file StEmcAssociationMaker.h.

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