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StEmcVirtualFinder Class Reference

#include <StEmcVirtualFinder.h>

Inheritance diagram for StEmcVirtualFinder:

Public Member Functions

virtual Bool_t findClusters (StEvent *)
 finds clusters in a StEvent object
virtual Bool_t fillStEvent (StEvent *)
 fills the StEvent object with the StEmcPreCluster objects in the collections
virtual Bool_t fillHistograms (StEvent *)
 fills the QA histograms
virtual Bool_t clear (StEvent *)
 removes clusters and points from the StEvent object
virtual Bool_t clear ()
 clear the pre cluster collections
void setPrint (Bool_t a)
 Obsolete function; users can control messages with logger config file.

Protected Attributes

StEmcPreClusterCollectionmColl [MAXDETBARREL]
Bool_t mPrint

Detailed Description

Alexandre A. P. Suaide

This is the basic class for cluster finder algorithm developement. All the cluster algorithms should inherit from this class. It already creates the basic 4 BEMC collections, one for each detector and have basic QA histograms.

Definition at line 28 of file StEmcVirtualFinder.h.

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