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StEvPPV::BtofHitList Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StEvPPV::BtofHitList:

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
void initRun ()
void build (StBTofCollection *btofColl)
int cell2bin (int tray, int module, int cell)
int addBtofTrack (int tray, int module, int cell)
int addBtofMatch (IntVec ibinVec)
bool isMatched (IntVec ibinVec)
bool isVetoed (IntVec ibinVec)
float getWeight (IntVec ibinVec)
virtual int etaBin (float eta)
virtual float bin2EtaLeft (int iEta)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StEvPPV::ScintHitList
 ScintHitList (float Xphi0, float XdPhi, int mxPhi, float Xeta0, float XdEta, int mxEta, const char *name, float wm, float wv)
void clear ()
void initRun ()
int addTrack (float eta, float phi)
void print (int k=0)
int getActive (int iBin)
int getFired (int iBin)
int getTrack (int iBin)
bool isMatched (int ibin)
bool isVetoed (int ibin)
float getWeight (int ibin)
void doHisto ()
void initHisto (TObjArray *)
int getnFired ()
int phiBin (float phi)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StEvPPV::ScintHitList
int iPhiEta2bin (int iPhi, int iEta)
void iBin2iPhiEta (int iBin, int &iPhi, int &iEta)
void setActive (int iBin)
void setFired (int iBin)
- Protected Attributes inherited from StEvPPV::ScintHitList
int * active
int * fired
int * track
int nActive
int nFired
int nTrack
int nMatch
float phi0
float dPhi
float eta0
float dEta
int nEta
int nPhi
int nBin
TH1F * h [8]
TString myName
float Wmatch
float Wveto

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file BtofHitList.h.

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