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StFlowEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StFlowEvent:

Public Member Functions

Double_t PhiWeight (Int_t selN, Int_t harN, StFlowTrack *pFlowTrack) const
Double_t PhiWeightRaw (Int_t selN, Int_t harN, StFlowTrack *pFlowTrack) const
Double_t Weight (Int_t selN, Int_t harN, StFlowTrack *pFlowTrack) const
Double_t ZDCSMD_PsiWgtEast ()
Double_t ZDCSMD_PsiWgtWest ()
Double_t ZDCSMD_PsiWgtFull ()
Int_t EventID () const
Int_t RunID () const
Double_t CenterOfMassEnergy () const
Double_t MagneticField () const
Short_t BeamMassNumberEast () const
Short_t BeamMassNumberWest () const
UInt_t OrigMult () const
UInt_t L0TriggerWord () const
UInt_t UncorrNegMult () const
UInt_t UncorrPosMult () const
UInt_t MultEta () const
UInt_t FlowEventMult () const
UInt_t Centrality () const
StThreeVectorF VertexPos () const
UInt_t Mult (StFlowSelection *)
UInt_t MultPart (StFlowSelection *)
TVector2 Q (StFlowSelection *)
TVector2 NormQ (StFlowSelection *pFlowSelect)
TVector2 QPart (StFlowSelection *)
TVector2 ReCentEPPar (StFlowSelection *, const char *)
TVector2 ReCentPar (StFlowSelection *, const char *)
TVector2 ReCent (Int_t selN, Int_t harN, StFlowTrack *pFlowTrack) const
TVector2 ReCentEP (Int_t selN, Int_t harN, StFlowTrack *pFlowTrack) const
Float_t q (StFlowSelection *)
Float_t MeanPt (StFlowSelection *)
Float_t Qtheta (StFlowSelection *, Float_t theta)
TComplex Grtheta (StFlowSelection *, Float_t r, Float_t theta)
TComplex GV1r0theta (StFlowSelection *, Float_t r, Float_t theta1, Float_t theta)
TComplex Gder_r0theta (StFlowSelection *, Float_t r, Float_t theta)
Float_t Psi (StFlowSelection *)
Float_t ZDCSMD_PsiCorr ()
Float_t ZDCSMD_PsiEst ()
Float_t ZDCSMD_PsiWst ()
Float_t ZDCSMD_GetPosition (int eastwest, int verthori, int strip)
Double_t G_New (StFlowSelection *pFlowSelect, Double_t Zx, Double_t Zy)
Double_t G_Mix (StFlowSelection *pFlowSelect, Double_t Z1x, Double_t Z1y, Double_t Z2x, Double_t Z2y)
Double_t SumWeightSquare (StFlowSelection *pFlowSelect)
Double_t PtAbsWgtValue (Double_t pt) const
Double_t EtaAbsWgtValue (Double_t eta) const
Float_t CTB () const
Float_t ZDCe () const
Float_t ZDCw () const
Float_t ZDCSMD (int eastwest, int verthori, int strip) const
Float_t PtWgtSaturation () const
Bool_t PtWgt () const
Bool_t EtaWgt () const
Bool_t FirstLastPhiWgt () const
Bool_t FirstLastPoints () const
Bool_t UseZDCSMD () const
Char_t * Pid ()
Bool_t EtaSubs () const
Bool_t RanSubs () const
Float_t V1TPCDetctWgtG_Mix (Int_t selN) const
Float_t V1FtpcEastDetctWgtG_Mix (Int_t selN) const
Float_t V1FtpcWestDetctWgtG_Mix (Int_t selN) const
Float_t V2TPCDetctWgtG_Mix (Int_t selN) const
Float_t V2FtpcEastDetctWgtG_Mix (Int_t selN) const
Float_t V2FtpcWestDetctWgtG_Mix (Int_t selN) const
StFlowTrackCollection * TrackCollection () const
void SetSelections ()
void SetPid (const Char_t *)
void SetPidsDeviant ()
void SetPidsProb ()
void PrintSelectionList ()
void MakeSubEvents ()
void MakeEtaSubEvents ()
void SetEventID (const Int_t &)
void SetRunID (const Int_t &)
void SetCenterOfMassEnergy (const Double_t &)
void SetMagneticField (const Double_t &)
void SetBeamMassNumberEast (const Short_t &)
void SetBeamMassNumberWest (const Short_t &)
void SetOrigMult (const UInt_t &)
void SetL0TriggerWord (const UInt_t &)
void SetUncorrPosMult (const UInt_t &)
void SetUncorrNegMult (const UInt_t &)
void SetMultEta (const UInt_t &)
void SetCentrality ()
void SetVertexPos (const StThreeVectorF &)
void SetCTB (const Float_t ctb)
void SetZDCe (const Float_t zdce)
void SetZDCw (const Float_t zdcw)
void SetZDCSMD (int eastwest, int verthori, int strip, const Float_t zdcsmd)
void SetPhiWeightFarEast (const Flow::PhiWgt_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightEast (const Flow::PhiWgt_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightWest (const Flow::PhiWgt_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightFarWest (const Flow::PhiWgt_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightFtpcFarEast (const Flow::PhiWgtFtpc_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightFtpcEast (const Flow::PhiWgtFtpc_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightFtpcWest (const Flow::PhiWgtFtpc_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetPhiWeightFtpcFarWest (const Flow::PhiWgtFtpc_t &pPhiWgt)
void SetZDCSMD_PsiWeightWest (const Flow::ZDCSMD_PsiWgt_t &ZDCSMD_PsiWgtWest)
void SetZDCSMD_PsiWeightEast (const Flow::ZDCSMD_PsiWgt_t &ZDCSMD_PsiWgtEast)
void SetZDCSMD_PsiWeightFull (const Flow::ZDCSMD_PsiWgt_t &ZDCSMD_PsiWgtFull)
void SetZDCSMD_BeamCenter (Double_t ex, Double_t ey, Double_t wx, Double_t wy)
void SetReCentX (const Flow::ReCent_t &pReCentX)
void SetReCentY (const Flow::ReCent_t &pReCentY)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetEtaTpcCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi, Int_t harN, Int_t selN)
static void SetPtTpcCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi, Int_t harN, Int_t selN)
static void SetEtaFtpcCut (Float_t lo_neg, Float_t hi_neg, Float_t lo_pos, Float_t hi_pos, Int_t harN, Int_t selN)
static void SetPtFtpcCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi, Int_t harN, Int_t selN)
static void SetPiPlusCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetPiMinusCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetProtonCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetAntiProtonCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetKPlusCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetKMinusCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetElectronCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetPositronCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetDeuteronCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetAntiDeuteronCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetDcaGlobalTpcCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetDcaGlobalFtpcCut (Float_t lo, Float_t hi)
static void SetProbPid ()
static void SetEtaSubs ()
static void SetRanSubs ()
static void SetPtWgtSaturation (Float_t)
static void SetPtWgt (Bool_t)
static void SetEtaWgt (Bool_t)
static void SetFirstLastPhiWgt ()
static void SetFirstLastPoints ()
static void SetUseZDCSMD (Bool_t)
static void SetV1TPCDetctWgtG_Mix (Float_t val, Int_t selN)
static void SetV1FtpcEastDetctWgtG_Mix (Float_t val, Int_t selN)
static void SetV1FtpcWestDetctWgtG_Mix (Float_t val, Int_t selN)
static void SetV2TPCDetctWgtG_Mix (Float_t val, Int_t selN)
static void SetV2FtpcEastDetctWgtG_Mix (Float_t val, Int_t selN)
static void SetV2FtpcWestDetctWgtG_Mix (Float_t val, Int_t selN)
static Bool_t ProbPid ()

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