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StFstIClusterAlgo Class Referenceabstract

#include <StFstIClusterAlgo.h>

Inheritance diagram for StFstIClusterAlgo:

Public Member Functions

void doClustering (StFstCollection &stFstCollection)
void setUsedTimeBin (unsigned char tb=UCHAR_MAX)
void setSplitFlag (bool splitFlag=true)

Protected Member Functions

virtual Int_t doClustering (const StFstCollection &, StFstRawHitCollection &, StFstClusterCollection &)=0

Protected Attributes

Bool_t mSplitCluster
UChar_t mTimeBin

Detailed Description

Abstract interface for concrete implementations of clustering algorithms.

Shenghui Zhang
Sep 2021

Definition at line 18 of file StFstIClusterAlgo.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StFstIClusterAlgo::doClustering ( StFstCollection stFstCollection)

Calls the actual clustering method that creates a cluster collection from a raw hit collection for each FST wedge.

Shenghui Zhang

Definition at line 12 of file StFstIClusterAlgo.cxx.

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