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StFtpcTrack Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StFtpcTrack:
StPhysicalHelix StHelix

Public Member Functions

 StFtpcTrack (Int_t tracknumber)
void SetDefaults ()
void AddPoint (StFtpcPoint *point)
void AddForwardPoint (StFtpcPoint *point)
void Fit ()
void Fit (StFtpcVertex *vertex, Double_t max_Dca, Bool_t primary_fit)
void CalculateNMax ()
Double_t CalcDca (StFtpcVertex *vertex, Bool_t primaryFit)
Double_t CalcAlpha0 ()
void CalcAndSetAlpha0 ()
void CalcResiduals (Bool_t primaryFit)
void CalcGlobResiduals ()
void CalcPrimResiduals ()
void MomentumFit (StFtpcVertex *vertex=0)
StThreeVector< Double_t > helixMomentum () const
StThreeVector< Double_t > momentum () const
StThreeVector< Double_t > localMomentum (Double_t s)
Double_t chi2Rad () const
Double_t chi2Lin () const
TObjArray * GetHits () const
MIntArrayGetHitNumbers () const
Int_t GetRowsWithPoints () const
Int_t GetTrackNumber () const
Int_t GetGlobalTrackId () const
Double_t GetChi2Circle () const
Double_t GetChi2Length () const
Double_t GetTrackLength () const
Double_t GetRadius () const
Double_t GetCenterX () const
Double_t GetCenterY () const
Double_t GetAlpha0 () const
Double_t GetPid () const
Short_t GetNMax () const
Double_t GetRFirst () const
Double_t GetRLast () const
Double_t GetMeanR () const
Double_t GetAlphaFirst () const
Double_t GetAlphaLast () const
Double_t GetMeanAlpha ()
Int_t GetNumberOfPoints () const
Bool_t ComesFromMainVertex () const
TVector3 GetMomentum () const
Double_t GetPx () const
Double_t GetPy () const
Double_t GetPz () const
Double_t GetP () const
Double_t GetPt () const
Double_t GetPseudoRapidity () const
Double_t GetEta () const
Double_t GetRapidity () const
Int_t GetHemisphere () const
Int_t GetSector () const
StDetectorId GetDetectorId () const
TVector3 GetVertex () const
TVector3 GetFirstPointOnTrack () const
TVector3 GetLastPointOnTrack () const
Int_t GetCharge () const
Double_t const * GetChiSq () const
Double_t GetTheta () const
Double_t GetDca () const
Double_t GetdEdx () const
Int_t GetNumdEdxHits () const
void SetTrackNumber (Int_t number)
void SetGlobalTrackId (Int_t f)
void SetRowsWithPoints (Int_t f)
void SetPx (Double_t f)
void SetPy (Double_t f)
void SetPz (Double_t f)
void SetdEdx (Double_t f)
void SetNumdEdxHits (Int_t f)
void SetChi2Circle (Double_t f)
void SetChi2Length (Double_t f)
void SetRadius (Double_t f)
void SetCenterX (Double_t f)
void SetCenterY (Double_t f)
void SetAlpha0 (Double_t f)
void SetCharge (Int_t f)
void SetPid (Int_t f)
void SetRLast (Double_t f)
void SetRFirst (Double_t f)
void SetAlphaLast (Double_t f)
void SetAlphaFirst (Double_t f)
void SetDca (Double_t f)
void SetNMax (Short_t f)
void ComesFromMainVertex (Bool_t f)
void SetProperties (Bool_t fUsage, Int_t mTrackNumber)
void SetPointDependencies ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from StPhysicalHelix
 StPhysicalHelix (const StThreeVector< double > &, const StThreeVector< double > &, double, double)
 StPhysicalHelix (double, double, double, const StThreeVector< double > &, int h=-1)
StThreeVector< double > momentum (double) const
StThreeVector< double > momentumAt (double, double) const
int charge (double) const
double curvatureSignedDistance (double x, double y)
double geometricSignedDistance (double x, double y)
double curvatureSignedDistance (const StThreeVector< double > &)
double geometricSignedDistance (const StThreeVector< double > &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHelix
 StHelix (double c, double dip, double phase, const StThreeVector< double > &o, int h=-1)
 curvature, dip angle, phase, origin, h
double dipAngle () const
double curvature () const
double phase () const
 1/R in xy-plane
double xcenter () const
 aziumth in xy-plane measured from ring center
double ycenter () const
 x-center of circle in xy-plane
int h () const
 y-center of circle in xy-plane
const StThreeVector< double > & origin () const
void setParameters (double c, double dip, double phase, const StThreeVector< double > &o, int h)
 starting point
double x (double s) const
 coordinates of helix at point s
double y (double s) const
double z (double s) const
StThreeVector< double > at (double s) const
double cx (double s) const
 pointing vector of helix at point s
double cy (double s) const
double cz (double s=0) const
StThreeVector< double > cat (double s) const
double period () const
 returns period length of helix
pair< double, double > pathLength (double r) const
 path length at given r (cylindrical r)
pair< double, double > pathLength (double r, double x, double y)
 path length at given r (cylindrical r, cylinder axis at x,y)
double pathLength (const StThreeVector< double > &p, bool scanPeriods=true) const
 path length at distance of closest approach to a given point
double pathLength (const StThreeVector< double > &r, const StThreeVector< double > &n) const
 path length at intersection with plane
double pathLength (double x, double y) const
 path length at distance of closest approach in the xy-plane to a given point
pair< double, double > pathLengths (const StHelix &, double minStepSize=10 *micrometer, double minRange=10 *centimeter) const
 path lengths at dca between two helices
double distance (const StThreeVector< double > &p, bool scanPeriods=true) const
 minimal distance between point and helix
bool valid (double world=1.e+5) const
 checks for valid parametrization
int bad (double world=1.e+5) const
virtual void moveOrigin (double s)
 move the origin along the helix to s which becomes then s=0

Protected Member Functions

Int_t CircleFit (Double_t x[], Double_t y[], Double_t xw[], Double_t yw[], Int_t num)
void LineFit (Double_t *x, Double_t *y, Double_t *z, Double_t *xw, Double_t *yw, Int_t num)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StHelix
void setCurvature (double)
void setPhase (double)
 performs also various checks
void setDipAngle (double)
double fudgePathLength (const StThreeVector< double > &) const
 value of S where distance in x-y plane is minimal

Protected Attributes

StThreeVector< Double_t > mHelixMomentum
StThreeVector< Double_t > mFullMomentum
StThreeVector< Double_t > mVertex
Double_t mXCenter
Double_t mYCenter
Double_t mFitRadius
Double_t mChi2Rad
Double_t mArcOffset
Double_t mArcSlope
Double_t mChi2Lin
Double_t mZField
Int_t mIterSteps
Int_t mVertexPointOffset
- Protected Attributes inherited from StHelix
bool mSingularity
StThreeVector< double > mOrigin
double mDipAngle
double mCurvature
double mPhase
int mH
double mCosDipAngle
double mSinDipAngle
double mCosPhase
double mSinPhase

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from StHelix
static const double NoSolution = 3.e+33

Detailed Description

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