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StFtpcTracker Class Reference

#include <StFtpcTracker.hh>

Inheritance diagram for StFtpcTracker:

Public Member Functions

 StFtpcTracker ()
 Default constructor. Sets the pointers to 0 an cut for momentum fit loosely.
 StFtpcTracker (StFtpcVertex *vertex, TObjArray *hit, TObjArray *track, Bool_t bench=(Bool_t) kFALSE, Double_t max_Dca=100.)
 Constructor to handle the case where everything is there already.
 StFtpcTracker (TObjArray *hits, StFtpcVertex *vertex, Bool_t bench=(Bool_t) kFALSE, Double_t max_Dca=100.)
 Constructor to take care of arbitrary hits.
virtual ~StFtpcTracker ()
void EstimateVertex (StFtpcVertex *vertex, UChar_t iterations=1)
 Vertex estimation with fit tracks for FTPC east and west.
void EstimateVertex (StFtpcVertex *vertex, Char_t hemispshere, UChar_t iterations)
 Vertex estimation with fit tracks.
StFtpcVertex EstimateVertex (StFtpcVertex *vertex, Char_t hemisphere, Char_t sector, UChar_t iterations=1)
 Vertex estimation with fit tracks for different sectors.
StFtpcVertex EstimateVertex (StFtpcVertex *vertex, Char_t hemisphere, Double_t lowAngle, Double_t highAngle, Double_t lowRadius, Double_t highRadius, UChar_t iterations=1)
 Vertex estimation with fit tracks for different areas.
void CalcEnergyLoss ()
void Sorter (Double_t *arr, Int_t *index, Int_t len)
Int_t GlobalFitAnddEdx ()
Int_t PrimaryFitAnddEdx ()
Int_t FitAnddEdx (Bool_t primary_fit)
Int_t GlobalFit ()
Int_t PrimaryFit ()
Int_t Fit (Bool_t primary_fit)
Float_t GetTime ()
Float_t GetTime (char name[10])
StFtpcVertexGetVertex ()
StFtpcVertexGetVertexEast ()
StFtpcVertexGetVertexWest ()
Int_t GetNumberOfClusters ()
Int_t GetNumberOfTracks ()
TObjArray * GetClusters ()
TObjArray * GetTracks ()
Double_t GetMaxDca () const
void SetMaxDca (Double_t f)

Protected Attributes

TBenchmark * mBench
Float_t mTime
TObjArray * mHit
TObjArray * mTrack
Bool_t mHitsCreated
Bool_t mVertexCreated
Bool_t mTrackCreated
Double_t mMaxDca

Detailed Description

Interface class to call the different track algorithms for the Ftpc.

Definition at line 17 of file StFtpcTracker.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void StFtpcTracker::CalcEnergyLoss ( )

Calculates dE/dx. This function replaces the old pams/ftpc/fde-module, but it is no longer used as everything happens in FitAnddEdxAndWrite().

Definition at line 387 of file

References Sorter().

Int_t StFtpcTracker::Fit ( Bool_t  primary_fit)

Fits tracks.

Definition at line 744 of file

void StFtpcTracker::Sorter ( Double_t *  arr,
Int_t *  index,
Int_t  len 

Sorts hits in ascending order (depending on dE/dx). This function is needed to replace pams/ftpc/fde.

Definition at line 718 of file

Referenced by CalcEnergyLoss().

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