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StFtpcTrackingParams Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void PrintParams ()
Int_t GetReturnCode ()
Double_t MaxAngleTracklet (Int_t tracking_method)
StMatrixD TpcToGlobalRotation ()
 transformation due to rotated and displaced TPC
StMatrixD GlobalToTpcRotation ()
StThreeVectorD TpcPositionInGlobal ()
StarMagFieldMagField ()
Double_t MagFieldFactor ()
FTPC geometry
Double_t InnerRadius ()
Double_t OuterRadius ()
Int_t NumberOfPadRows ()
Int_t NumberOfPadRowsPerSide ()
Double_t PadRowPosZ (Int_t row)
Vertex position
Double_t MaxVertexPosZWarning ()
Double_t MaxVertexPosZError ()
Vertex reconstruction
Int_t HistoBins ()
Double_t HistoMin ()
Double_t HistoMax ()
Double_t MaxDcaVertex ()
Int_t MinNumTracks ()
Int_t RowSegments ()
Int_t PhiSegments ()
Int_t EtaSegments ()
Bool_t Laser (Int_t tracking_method)
Bool_t VertexConstraint (Int_t tracking_method)
Int_t MaxTrackletLength (Int_t tracking_method)
Int_t MinTrackLength (Int_t tracking_method)
Int_t RowScopeTracklet (Int_t tracking_method)
Int_t RowScopeTrack (Int_t tracking_method)
Int_t PhiScope (Int_t tracking_method)
Int_t EtaScope (Int_t tracking_method)
Double_t MaxDca (Int_t tracking_method)
Double_t MaxAngleTrack (Int_t tracking_method)
Double_t MaxCircleDist (Int_t tracking_method)
Double_t MaxLengthDist (Int_t tracking_method)
Split tracks
Double_t MaxDist ()
Double_t MinPointRatio ()
Double_t MaxPointRatio ()
Int_t DebugLevel ()
Int_t IdMethod ()
Int_t NoAngle ()
Int_t MaxHit ()
Int_t MinHit ()
Int_t MaxTrack ()
Double_t PadLength ()
Double_t FracTrunc ()
Double_t Aip ()
Double_t ALargeNumber ()
internal FTPC rotation
StMatrixD FtpcRotation (Int_t i)
StMatrixD FtpcRotationInverse (Int_t i)
StMatrixD FtpcRotationX (Int_t i)
StMatrixD FtpcRotationXInverse (Int_t i)
StMatrixD FtpcRotationY (Int_t i)
StMatrixD FtpcRotationYInverse (Int_t i)
Double_t InstallationPointX (Int_t i)
Double_t InstallationPointY (Int_t i)
Double_t InstallationPointZ (Int_t i)
Double_t ObservedVertexOffsetY (Int_t i)
Double_t ObservedVertexOffsetX (Int_t i)

Static Public Member Functions

static StFtpcTrackingParamsInstance (Bool_t debug, St_ftpcTrackingPars *trackPars, St_ftpcdEdxPars *dEdxPars, St_ftpcDimensions *dimensions, St_ftpcPadrowZ *padrow_z)
static StFtpcTrackingParamsInstance (Bool_t debug, St_ftpcCoordTrans *ftpcCoordTrans)
static StFtpcTrackingParamsInstance ()

Protected Member Functions

 StFtpcTrackingParams (St_ftpcTrackingPars *trackPars=0, St_ftpcdEdxPars *dEdxPars=0, St_ftpcDimensions *dimensions=0, St_ftpcPadrowZ *padrow_z=0)
Int_t InitTrackingParams (ftpcTrackingPars_st *trackParsTable)
Int_t InitdEdx (ftpcdEdxPars_st *dEdxParsTable)
Int_t InitDimensions (ftpcDimensions_st *dimensionsTable)
Int_t InitPadRows (ftpcPadrowZ_st *padrowzTable)
Int_t InitCoordTransformation ()
Int_t InitCoordTransformation (ftpcCoordTrans_st *ftpcCoordTrans)
Int_t InitSpaceTransformation ()

Detailed Description

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