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StGammaEvent Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StGammaEvent:

Public Types

enum  Spin4State {
  kBlueUpYellUp =5, kBlueUpYellDn =6, kBlueDnYellUp =9, kBlueDnYellDn =10,
  kUnknownSpin4 =42
enum  PolarizationType {
  kUnpolarized =0, kLongLong, kTransTrans, kRadRad,
  kUnknownPol =42

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * GetCVS () const
void Clear (Option_t *opts="")
UShort_t flags () const
 Event flags (see above)
Int_t numberOfTracks () const
Int_t numberOfTowers () const
 Return number of tracks.
Int_t numberOfPreshower1 () const
 Return number of towers.
Int_t numberOfPreshower2 () const
 Return number of pre1.
Int_t numberOfPostshower () const
 Return number of pre2.
Int_t numberOfStrips () const
 Return number of post.
Int_t numberOfCandidates () const
 Return number of strips.
StGammaTracktrack (Int_t i) const
 Return number of candidates.
StGammaTowertower (Int_t i) const
 Return ith track.
StGammaTowerpreshower1 (Int_t i) const
 Return ith tower.
StGammaTowerpreshower2 (Int_t i) const
 Return ith pre1.
StGammaTowerpostshower (Int_t i) const
 Return ith pre2.
StGammaStripstrip (Int_t i) const
 Return ith post.
StGammaCandidatecandidate (Int_t i) const
 Return ith strip.
Int_t runNumber () const
 Return ith candidate.
Int_t eventNumber () const
 Returns run number.
set< int > & triggerIds ()
 Returns event number.
bool isTrigger (int id) const
bool isSimuTrigger (int id) const
TObjString muDstFileName () const
TVector3 & vertex ()
 Returns muDst file from which event originated.
Float_t vertexRank ()
 Returns the primary vertex.
Float_t magneticField () const
 Returns rank of primary vertex.
StGammaPythiaEventpythia ()
 Magnetic field (kG)
Bool_t validSpinDb ()
 Pythia event.
UShort_t spin4 ()
UShort_t bunchCrossing7bit ()
UShort_t bunchCrossing48bit ()
UShort_t bunchCrossingStar ()
UShort_t polarizationType ()
Float_t sumPt (Float_t eta_min=-2.5, Float_t eta_max=+2.5) const
Float_t sumTrackPt (Float_t eta_min=-2.5, Float_t eta_max=+2.5) const
 Returns track+tower pT in eta range.
Float_t sumTowerPt (Float_t eta_min=-2.5, Float_t eta_max=+2.5) const
 Returns track pT in eta range.
StGammaTracknewTrack (StMuTrack *mutr=0)
 Returns tower pT in eta range.
StGammaTowernewTower ()
 Add a new track.
StGammaTowernewPreshower1 ()
 Add a new tower.
StGammaTowernewPreshower2 ()
 Add a new preshower1 (bprs) element.
StGammaTowernewPostshower ()
 Add a new preshower2 element.
StGammaStripnewStrip ()
 Add a new postshower element.
StGammaCandidatenewCandidate ()
 Add a new SMD strip.
void SetRunNumber (Int_t run)
 Add a new gamma candidate.
void SetEventNumber (Int_t event)
void SetTriggerIds (const vector< unsigned int > &triggerIds)
void SetSimuTriggerIds (const vector< unsigned int > &triggerIds)
void SetMudstFileName (const TObjString &i)
void SetVertex (const TVector3 &vertex)
void SetVertexRank (Float_t rank)
void SetMagneticField (Float_t magneticField)
void SetPythia (StGammaPythiaEvent *pythia)
void SetValidDb (Bool_t v)
void SetSpin4 (UShort_t s)
void SetBunchCrossing7bit (UShort_t b)
void SetBunchCrossing48bit (UShort_t b)
void SetBunchCrossingStar (UShort_t b)
void SetPolarizationType (UShort_t t)
void SetDsmVertex (UShort_t v)

Public Attributes

UShort_t mFlags

Protected Attributes

Int_t mRunNumber
Int_t mEventNumber
 Run number.
set< int > mTriggerIds
 Event number.
set< int > mSimuTriggerIds
 Trigger ID's.
TObjString mMudstFileName
 Simulated Trigger ID's.
TVector3 mVertex
 File from which StGammaEvent originatedt.
Float_t mVertexRank
 Event primary vertex (TPC)
Float_t mMagneticField
 Primary vertex rank.
 Magnetic field (kG)
Bool_t mSpinDbValid
UShort_t mSpin4
UShort_t mBunchCrossing7bit
UShort_t mBunchCrossing48bit
UShort_t mBunchCrossingStar
UShort_t mPolarizationType
UShort_t mDsmVertex


Int_t StGammaCandidateMaker::Compress ()

Detailed Description

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