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StGenericL2Emulator Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StGenericL2Emulator:
StL2_2006EmulatorMaker StL2_2008EmulatorMaker

Public Member Functions

void printBEtowers ()
 hits in StEvent
void printBEblocks ()
 regenerated banks
unsigned short * getBtowBank ()
unsigned short * getEtowBank ()
int getBtowIn ()
int getEtowIn ()
void useStEvent ()
void setMC (int x=true)
void setSetupPath (char *x)
void setOutPath (char *x)
StTriggerSimuDecision isTrigger (int trigId)
const unsigned int * result () const
 bag of 64 bytes whose interpretation changes year-by-year

Public Attributes

vector< int > mAcceptTriggerList
vector< int > mVetoTriggerList

Protected Member Functions

void init ()
void make ()
void addTriggerList ()
void initRun1 ()
void initRun2 (int runNo)
void finish ()
void clear ()

Protected Attributes

int mMCflag
int mYear
bool mUseMuDst
L2VirtualAlgo ** mL2algo
int mL2algoN
int mYearMonthDay
int mHourMinSec
TString mSetupPath
unsigned short * mBTOW_BANK
unsigned short * mETOW_BANK
int mBTOW_in
int mETOW_in
void * mTrigData

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file StGenericL2Emulator.h.

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