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StGimParticle Class Reference

Implementation of StGenParticle similar to ROOT TParticle. More...

#include <StGimParticle.h>

Inheritance diagram for StGimParticle:

Public Member Functions

 StGimParticle (int idx)
virtual int GetStatusCode () const
virtual int GetPdgCode () const
virtual int GetGeaCode () const
virtual const StGenParticleGetMother (int i=0) const
virtual const StGenParticleGetDaughter (int i) const
virtual double GetMass () const
virtual int GetNDaughters () const
virtual void Momentum (double p4[4]) const
virtual void Vertex (double v[3]) const
virtual double Time () const
void Clear ()
void SetPdg (int pdg)
void SetGea (int gea)
void SetVert (float v[4])
void SetMom (float p[5])
void SetMother (int i, const StGimParticle *m)
void AddDaughter (const StGimParticle *m)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StGenParticle
virtual void Print (const char *opt="") const
virtual double GetCalcMass () const
virtual double GetWeight () const
int IsPrimary () const
int IsFinal () const
double R () const
double Rho () const
double P () const
double Pt () const
double Energy () const
double Eta () const
double Phi () const
double Theta () const

Protected Attributes

char fBeg [1]
int fPdgCode
int fGeaCode
int fStatusCode
const StGimParticlefMother [2]
double fWeight
double fP [5]
double fV [4]
char fEnd [1]
std::vector< const
StGimParticle * > 
- Protected Attributes inherited from StGenParticle
int mIdx

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from StGenParticle
 StGenParticle (int idx=0)
void SetIdx (int idx)
int GetIdx () const

Detailed Description

Implementation of StGenParticle similar to ROOT TParticle.

V.Perev Mar/2009

Defines equivalent of HEPEVT particle

Definition at line 16 of file StGimParticle.h.

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