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StGlauberPlotMaker Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StGlauberPlotMaker (const TString name="Npart")
virtual ~StGlauberPlotMaker ()
 Default constructor.
Int_t Read (const TString filename, const TString type)
 Default destructor. More...
void Draw (const UInt_t mode=0)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file StGlauberPlotMaker.h.

Member Function Documentation

void StGlauberPlotMaker::Draw ( const UInt_t  mode = 0)

Draw and evaluate systematic errors. Write table in the current directory table name will be: table_{mName}_vs_centrality_systematicerror.txt mode 0: evaluate errors by assuming flat probability distribution (error = RMS/sqrt(12)) (default) 1: evaluate errors from maximum difference between the data points

Draw graphs and evaluate systematic errors

Systematic errors


Minimum/Maximum according to the mName

Definition at line 282 of file StGlauberPlotMaker.cxx.

Int_t StGlauberPlotMaker::Read ( const TString  filename,
const TString  type 

Default destructor.

Read text file to get graphs

Stack graphs into array

Definition at line 58 of file StGlauberPlotMaker.cxx.

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