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StGlauberTree Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StGlauberTree (const UInt_t mode=0)
virtual ~StGlauberTree ()
 Default constructor.
Int_t Clear ()
 Default destructor. More...
Int_t Open (const TString filename)
 Clear data members.
void Sort ()
 Open ROOT file, initialize tree. More...
Int_t Fill ()
 Sort outputs in ROOT file.
Int_t FillHeader ()
 Fill event-wise tree.
Int_t Close ()
 Fill header tree.
Int_t GetEntries () const
 Close ROOT file.
Int_t GetEntry (const Int_t ievent)
 Get entries.
void SetB (const Double_t val)
 Get entry for all branches.
void SetNpart (const UInt_t val)
void SetNcoll (const UInt_t val)
void SetMultiplicity (const UInt_t val)
void SetTheta (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetPhi (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetSumX (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetSumY (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetSumX2 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetSumY2 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetSumXY (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetEccRP2 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetEccPP2 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetEccPP3 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetEccPP4 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetPP2 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetPP3 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
void SetPP4 (const UInt_t id, const Double_t val)
Double_t GetB () const
UInt_t GetNpart () const
UInt_t GetNcoll () const
UInt_t GetMultiplicity () const
Double_t GetTheta (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetPhi (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSumX (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSumY (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSumX2 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSumY2 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSumXY (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetEccRP2 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetEccPP2 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetEccPP3 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetEccPP4 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetPP2 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetPP3 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetPP4 (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSigmaA2 (const Double_t a2, const Double_t a) const
Double_t GetSigmaXY (const Double_t xy, const Double_t x, const Double_t y) const
Double_t GetSRP (const UInt_t id) const
Double_t GetSPP (const UInt_t id) const
void SetNameNucleusA (const Char_t *val)
void SetNameNucleusB (const Char_t *val)
void SetMassNumberA (const UInt_t val)
void SetMassNumberB (const UInt_t val)
void SetRadiusA (const Float_t val)
void SetRadiusB (const Float_t val)
void SetSkinDepthA (const Float_t val)
void SetSkinDepthB (const Float_t val)
void SetBeta2A (const Float_t val)
void SetBeta4A (const Float_t val)
void SetBeta2B (const Float_t val)
void SetBeta4B (const Float_t val)
void SetSigmaNN (const Float_t val)
void SetSqrtSNN (const Float_t val)
void SetRepulsionD (const Float_t val)
void SetTotalXsec (const Float_t val)
void SetTotalXsecError (const Float_t val)
void SetSmearHardCore (const UInt_t val)
void SetSmearGaussian (const UInt_t val)
void SetCollisionHardCore (const UInt_t val)
void SetCollisionGaussian (const UInt_t val)
void SetBMax (const Float_t val)
void SetNeventsAccept (const UInt_t val)
void SetNeventsThrow (const UInt_t val)
void SetNpp (const Float_t val)
void SetK (const Float_t val)
void SetX (const Float_t val)
void SetEfficiency (const Float_t val)
void SetIsConstEfficiency (const UInt_t val)
void SetVersion (const UInt_t val)
Char_t * GetNameNucleusA ()
Char_t * GetNameNucleusB ()
UInt_t GetMassNumberA () const
UInt_t GetMassNumberB () const
Float_t GetRadiusA () const
Float_t GetRadiusB () const
Float_t GetSkinDepthA () const
Float_t GetSkinDepthB () const
Float_t GetBeta2A () const
Float_t GetBeta4A () const
Float_t GetBeta2B () const
Float_t GetBeta4B () const
Float_t GetSigmaNN () const
Float_t GetSqrtSNN () const
Float_t GetRepulsionD () const
Float_t GetTotalXsec () const
Float_t GetTotalXsecError () const
UInt_t GetSmearHardCore () const
UInt_t GetSmearGaussian () const
UInt_t GetCollisionHardCore () const
UInt_t GetCollisionGaussian () const
Float_t GetBMax () const
UInt_t GetNeventsAccept () const
UInt_t GetNeventsThrow () const
Float_t GetNpp () const
Float_t GetK () const
Float_t GetX () const
Float_t GetEfficiency () const
UInt_t GetIsConstEfficiency () const
UInt_t GetVersion () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file StGlauberTree.h.

Member Function Documentation

Int_t StGlauberTree::Clear ( )

Default destructor.

Clear data members in tree

Definition at line 78 of file StGlauberTree.cxx.

Referenced by StGlauberAnalysisMaker::RunFile().

Double_t StGlauberTree::GetSPP ( const UInt_t  id) const

S_{PP} = pi * sqrt(sigma_x^2 * sigma_y^2 - sigma_{xy}^2}

Definition at line 346 of file StGlauberTree.cxx.

Referenced by StGlauberAnalysisMaker::Make().

Double_t StGlauberTree::GetSRP ( const UInt_t  id) const

S_{RP} = pi * sqrt(sigma_x^2 * sigma_y^2)

Definition at line 329 of file StGlauberTree.cxx.

Referenced by StGlauberAnalysisMaker::Make().

void StGlauberTree::Sort ( )

Open ROOT file, initialize tree.

Sort objects in ROOT file (write mode only)

Definition at line 270 of file StGlauberTree.cxx.

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