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StHbtEvent Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StHbtEvent (const StHbtEvent &, StHbtTrackCut *=0, StHbtV0Cut *=0, StHbtXiCut *=0, StHbtKinkCut *=0)
void RotateZ (const double)
unsigned short EventNumber () const
int RunNumber () const
unsigned short CtbMult () const
unsigned short ZdcAdcEast () const
unsigned short ZdcAdcWest () const
int NumberOfTpcHits () const
unsigned short NumberOfTracks () const
unsigned short NumberOfGoodTracks () const
unsigned int UncorrectedNumberOfPositivePrimaries () const
unsigned int UncorrectedNumberOfNegativePrimaries () const
unsigned int UncorrectedNumberOfPrimaries () const
float ReactionPlane (const int &wgt=0) const
float ReactionPlaneError (const int &wgt=0) const
float ReactionPlaneSubEventDifference (const int &wgt=0) const
StHbtThreeVector PrimVertPos () const
StHbtV0Collection * V0Collection () const
StHbtXiCollection * XiCollection () const
StHbtKinkCollection * KinkCollection () const
StHbtTrackCollection * TrackCollection () const
double MagneticField () const
unsigned int TriggerWord () const
unsigned int TriggerActionWord () const
unsigned int L3TriggerAlgorithm (const unsigned int &l=0) const
void SetEventNumber (const unsigned short &)
void SetRunNumber (const int &)
void SetCtbMult (const unsigned short &)
void SetZdcAdcEast (const unsigned short &)
void SetZdcAdcWest (const unsigned short &)
void SetNumberOfTpcHits (const int &)
void SetNumberOfTracks (const unsigned short &)
void SetNumberOfGoodTracks (const unsigned short &)
void SetUncorrectedNumberOfPositivePrimaries (const unsigned int &)
void SetUncorrectedNumberOfNegativePrimaries (const unsigned int &)
void SetUncorrectedNumberOfPrimaries (const unsigned int &)
void SetReactionPlane (const float &, const int &wgt=0)
void SetReactionPlaneError (const float &, const int &wgt=0)
void SetReactionPlaneSubEventDifference (const float &, const int &wgt=0)
void SetPrimVertPos (const StHbtThreeVector &)
void SetMagneticField (const double &)
void SetTriggerWord (const unsigned int &)
void SetTriggerActionWord (const unsigned int &)
void SetL3TriggerAlgorithm (const unsigned int &, const unsigned int &)


class StHbtIOBinary
class StHbtTTreeEvent
class StHbtTTreeTrack
class StHbtTTreeV0
class StHbtTTreeXi
class StHbtTTreeKink
ostream & operator<< (ostream &out, StHbtEvent &ev)
istream & operator>> (istream &in, StHbtEvent &ev)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file StHbtEvent.hh.

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