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StHbtMuDstReader Class Reference

#include <StHbtMuDstReader.h>

Inheritance diagram for StHbtMuDstReader:

Public Types

enum  ioMode { ioRead, ioWrite }
enum  ioNameMode { ioFix, ioAuto }

Public Member Functions

 StHbtMuDstReader (int mode, int nameMode, const char *dirName="./", const char *fileName="test.event.root", const char *filter=".", int maxfiles=10)
StHbtEventReturnHbtEvent ()
int Init ()
int Init (const char *ReadWrite, StHbtString &Message)
void Clear ()
void Finish ()
bool readTracks ()
bool readV0s ()
bool readXis ()
bool readKinks ()
unsigned int trackType ()
StMuDstmuDst ()
TChain * chain ()
TTree * tree ()
StEventstEvent ()
StStrangeMuDstMakerstStrangeMuDstMaker ()
void setTrackFilter (StMuCut *c)
void setL3TrackFilter (StMuCut *c)
void setProbabilityPidFile (const char *file)
void setStEvent (StEvent *)
void setStStrangeMuDstMaker (StStrangeMuDstMaker *)
void setTrackType (unsigned int)
void setReadTracks (bool)
void setReadV0s (bool)
void setReadXis (bool)
void setReadKinks (bool)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHbtEventReader
virtual StHbtString Report ()
virtual int WriteHbtEvent (StHbtEvent *)
int Status ()
virtual void SetEventCut (StHbtEventCut *ecut)
virtual void SetTrackCut (StHbtTrackCut *pcut)
virtual void SetV0Cut (StHbtV0Cut *pcut)
virtual void SetXiCut (StHbtXiCut *pcut)
virtual void SetKinkCut (StHbtKinkCut *pcut)
virtual StHbtEventCutEventCut ()
virtual StHbtTrackCutTrackCut ()
virtual StHbtV0CutV0Cut ()
virtual StHbtXiCutXiCut ()
virtual StHbtKinkCutKinkCut ()
int Debug ()
void SetDebug (int d)


class StMuDst

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from StHbtEventReader
int mReaderStatus
int mDebug

Detailed Description

class ioMode;//!enum ioMode {ioRead, ioWrite}; class ioNameMode;//!enum ioNameMode {ioFix, ioAuto};

Definition at line 57 of file StHbtMuDstReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StHbtMuDstReader::StHbtMuDstReader ( int  mode,
int  nameMode,
const char *  dirName = "./",
const char *  fileName = "test.event.root",
const char *  filter = ".",
int  maxfiles = 10 

from muDst

from strangeness group

Definition at line 56 of file StHbtMuDstReader.cxx.

References StMuArrays::arrayCounters, StMuArrays::arraySizes, StMuArrays::arrayTypes, and StMuDst::set().

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