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StHbtParticle Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StHbtParticle (const StHbtTrack *const hbtTrack, const double &mass)
 StHbtParticle (const StHbtV0 *const hbtV0, const double &mass)
 StHbtParticle (const StHbtKink *const hbtKink, const double &mass)
 StHbtParticle (const StHbtXi *const hbtXi, const double &mass)
const StHbtLorentzVectorFourMomentum () const
StPhysicalHelixDHelix ()
const StHbtThreeVector DecayVertexPosition () const
unsigned long TopologyMap (const int word) const
int NumberOfHits () const
unsigned long TrackId () const
unsigned short NegTrackId () const
unsigned short PosTrackId () const
StHbtTrackTrack () const
StHbtV0V0 () const
StHbtKinkKink () const
const StHbtThreeVectorNominalTpcExitPoint () const
const StHbtThreeVectorNominalTpcEntrancePoint () const
const StHbtThreeVectorTpcV0PosExitPoint () const
const StHbtThreeVectorTpcV0PosEntrancePoint () const
const StHbtThreeVectorTpcV0NegExitPoint () const
const StHbtThreeVectorTpcV0NegEntrancePoint () const
void ResetFourMomentum (const StHbtLorentzVector &fourMomentum)
const StHbtHiddenInfoHiddenInfo () const
StHbtHiddenInfogetHiddenInfo () const
void SetHiddenInfo (StHbtHiddenInfo *aHiddenInfo)
void CalculatePurity ()
double GetPionPurity ()
double GetKaonPurity ()
double GetProtonPurity ()
void CalculateTpcExitAndEntrancePoints (StPhysicalHelixD *tHelix, StHbtThreeVector *PrimVert, StHbtThreeVector *SecVert, StHbtThreeVector *tmpTpcEntrancePoint, StHbtThreeVector *tmpTpcExitPoint, StHbtThreeVector *tmpPosSample, float *tmpZ, float *tmpU, int *tmpSect)

Public Attributes

StHbtThreeVector mNominalPosSample [11]
float mZ [45]
float mU [45]
int mSect [45]
float * mV0NegZ
float * mV0NegU
int * mV0NegSect

Detailed Description

Definition at line 103 of file StHbtParticle.hh.

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