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StHbtSectoredAnalysis Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StHbtSectoredAnalysis:

Public Member Functions

 StHbtSectoredAnalysis (const StHbtSectoredAnalysis &)
void CreateRealPairs (StHbtParticleCollection *)
void CreateRealPairs (StHbtParticleCollection *, StHbtParticleCollection *)
void CreateMixedPairs (StHbtParticleCollection *, StHbtParticleCollection *)
void SortHbtParticleCollection (StHbtParticleCut *, StHbtEvent *, StHbtParticleCollection **)
int Index (int, int, int)
virtual StHbtPairCutPairCut ()
virtual StHbtEventCutEventCut ()
virtual StHbtParticleCutFirstParticleCut ()
virtual StHbtParticleCutSecondParticleCut ()
StHbtCorrFctnCollection * CorrFctnCollection ()
virtual StHbtCorrFctnCorrFctn (int n)
void AddCorrFctn (StHbtCorrFctn *)
void SetPairCut (StHbtPairCut *)
void SetEventCut (StHbtEventCut *)
void SetFirstParticleCut (StHbtParticleCut *)
void SetSecondParticleCut (StHbtParticleCut *)
int NumBinsX ()
int NumBinsY ()
int NumBinsZ ()
float PXmax ()
float PXmin ()
float PYmax ()
float PYmin ()
float PZmax ()
float PZmin ()
float DeltaP ()
void SetPXmax (float)
void SetPXmin (float)
void SetPYmax (float)
void SetPYmin (float)
void SetPZmax (float)
void SetPZmin (float)
void SetDeltaP (float)
unsigned int NumEventsToMix ()
void SetNumEventsToMix (const unsigned int &)
StHbtSectoredPicoEventCollection * SectoredMixingBuffer ()
bool SectoredMixingBufferFull ()
bool AnalyzeIdenticalParticles ()
virtual StHbtString Report ()
virtual void ProcessEvent (const StHbtEvent *)
 returns reports of all cuts applied and correlation functions being done
void EventBegin (const StHbtEvent *)
void EventEnd (const StHbtEvent *)
int GetNeventsProcessed ()
virtual void Finish ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 46 of file StHbtSectoredAnalysis.h.

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