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StHbtTTreeXi Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StHbtTTreeXi:

Public Member Functions

 StHbtTTreeXi (const StHbtEvent *, const StHbtXi *)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StHbtTTreeV0
 StHbtTTreeV0 (const StHbtEvent *, const StHbtV0 *)

Protected Attributes

int mCharge
float mDecayVertexXiX
float mDecayVertexXiY
float mDecayVertexXiZ
float mDcaXiDaughters
float mDcaBachelorToPrimVertex
float mDcaXiToPrimVertex
float mMomBachelorX
float mMomBachelorY
float mMomBachelorZ
unsigned short mKeyBachelor
unsigned int mTopologyMapBachelor [2]
float mChi2Xi
float mClXi
float mChi2Bachelor
float mClBachelor
float mDedxBachelor
unsigned short mNumDedxBachelor
- Protected Attributes inherited from StHbtTTreeV0
float mDecayLengthV0
float mDecayVertexV0X
float mDecayVertexV0Y
float mDecayVertexV0Z
float mDcaV0Daughters
float mDcaV0ToPrimVertex
float mDcaPosToPrimVertex
float mDcaNegToPrimVertex
float mMomPosX
float mMomPosY
float mMomPosZ
float mMomNegX
float mMomNegY
float mMomNegZ
unsigned short mKeyPos
unsigned short mKeyNeg
unsigned int mTrackTopologyMapPos [2]
unsigned int mTrackTopologyMapNeg [2]
float mChi2V0
float mClV0
float mChi2Pos
float mClPos
float mChi2Neg
float mClNeg
float mDedxPos
float mErrDedxPos
float mLenDedxPos
float mDedxNeg
float mErrDedxNeg
float mLenDedxNeg
unsigned short mNumDedxPos
unsigned short mNumDedxNeg
unsigned short mTpcHitsPos
unsigned short mTpcHitsNeg


class StHbtTTreeReader
class StHbtXi

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file StHbtTTreeXi.h.

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