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StHbtThPair Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StHbtThPair:
StHbtEvtGenPair StHbtThPairDoubleGauss StHbtThPairDummy StHbtThPairEvtGen StHbtThPairGauss StHbtThPairGaussFit

Public Member Functions

virtual void Set (const StHbtPair *)
virtual void SetWeight (StHbtFsiWeight *)
virtual const StHbtLorentzVectorGetRealMomentum1 () const
virtual const StHbtLorentzVectorGetRealMomentum2 () const
virtual const StHbtLorentzVectorGetMeasMomentum1 () const
virtual const StHbtLorentzVectorGetMeasMomentum2 () const
virtual const StHbtLorentzVectorGetEmPoint1 () const
virtual const StHbtLorentzVectorGetEmPoint2 () const
virtual int GetPid1 () const
virtual int GetPid2 () const
virtual const StHbtPairGetMeasPair () const
virtual double GetWeightNum ()
virtual double GetWeightDen ()
virtual StHbtString Report ()
virtual double RealQInv () const
double RealqSideCMS () const
double RealqOutCMS () const
double RealqLongCMS () const
double RealqSidePf () const
double RealqOutPf () const
double RealqLongPf () const
virtual void set (const StHbtPair *)
void setMomRes1 (int pid)
void setMomRes2 (int pid)
void setPairPurity (double aPairPurity)
virtual StHbtLorentzVector const * getMomentum1 () const
virtual StHbtLorentzVector const * getMomentum2 () const
virtual StHbtLorentzVector const * getEmPoint1 () const
virtual StHbtLorentzVector const * getEmPoint2 () const
virtual int getPid1 () const
virtual int getPid2 () const
virtual double QInv () const
double KStarSide () const
double KStarOut () const
double KStarLong () const
double KStar () const
double CVK () const
double KStarFlipped () const
double CVKFlipped () const
double RStar () const
double RTrans () const
double ROut () const
double RLong () const
double RSide () const
double DTime () const
double DTimePairLCMS () const
double ROutPairCMS () const
double RLongPairCMS () const
double RSidePairCMS () const
double DTimePairCMS () const
double Betat () const
double Ut () const
double Pt () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void setVariables (const StHbtPair *)
void UpdateWeight ()
void calcMomParameters () const
void calcPosParameters () const

Protected Attributes

const StHbtLorentzVectormMomentum1
const StHbtLorentzVectormMomentum2
int mPid1
int mPid2
const StHbtPairmMeasPair
double mWeightNum
double mWeightDen
bool mWeightOk
short mMomParCalculated
double mKStarSide
double mKStarOut
double mKStarLong
double mKStar
double mCVK
double mKStarFlipped
double mCVKFlipped
double mBetat
double mUt
double mPt
short mPosParCalculated
double mRStar
double mRTrans
double mROut
double mRSide
double mRLong
double mDTime
double mDTimePairLCMS
double mROutPairCMS
double mRSidePairCMS
double mRLongPairCMS
double mDTimePairCMS
short mMomRes1
short mMomRes2
double mPLoss1 [3]
double mPtRes1 [3]
double mPhiRes1 [3]
double mThetaRes1 [3]
double mPLoss2 [3]
double mPtRes2 [3]
double mPhiRes2 [3]
double mThetaRes2 [3]
double mPairPurity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file StHbtThPair.hh.

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