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StHbtTrack Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StHbtTrack (const StHbtTrack &)
 StHbtTrack (const StEvent *, const StTrack *)
short TrackType () const
short Charge () const
short NHits () const
short NHitsPossible () const
short NHitsDedx () const
const float * NSigma () const
float NSigmaElectron () const
float NSigmaPion () const
float NSigmaKaon () const
float NSigmaProton () const
float PidProbElectron () const
float PidProbPion () const
float PidProbKaon () const
float PidProbProton () const
float dEdx () const
float DCAz () const
float DCAxy () const
float DCAzGlobal () const
float DCAxyGlobal () const
float ChiSquaredXY () const
float ChiSquaredZ () const
StHbtThreeVector P () const
float Pt () const
StHbtThreeVector PGlobal () const
float PtGlobal () const
const StPhysicalHelixDHelix () const
const StPhysicalHelixDHelixGlobal () const
unsigned int TopologyMap (const unsigned int word) const
short TrackId () const
void SetTrackType (const short &)
void SetCharge (const short &)
void SetNHits (const short &)
void SetNHitsPossible (const short &)
void SetNHitsDedx (const short &)
void SetNSigmaElectron (const float &)
void SetNSigmaPion (const float &)
void SetNSigmaKaon (const float &)
void SetNSigmaProton (const float &)
void SetPidProbElectron (const float &)
void SetPidProbPion (const float &)
void SetPidProbKaon (const float &)
void SetPidProbProton (const float &)
void SetdEdx (const float &)
void SetDCAxy (const float &)
void SetDCAz (const float &)
void SetDCAxyGlobal (const float &)
void SetDCAzGlobal (const float &)
void SetChiSquaredXY (const float &)
void SetChiSquaredZ (const float &)
void SetP (const StHbtThreeVector &)
void SetPt (const float &)
void SetPGlobal (const StHbtThreeVector &)
void SetPtGlobal (const float &)
void SetHelix (const StPhysicalHelixD &)
void SetHelixGlobal (const StPhysicalHelixD &)
void SetTopologyMap (const int word, const unsigned int map)
void SetTrackId (const short &)
void SetHiddenInfo (StHbtHiddenInfo *aHiddenInfo)
bool ValidHiddenInfo () const
StHbtHiddenInfogetHiddenInfo () const


class StHbtIOBinary
class StHbtTTreeEvent
class StHbtTTreeTrack
ostream & operator<< (ostream &out, StHbtTrack &trk)
istream & operator>> (istream &in, StHbtTrack &trk)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 136 of file StHbtTrack.hh.

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