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StHbtTriplet Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StHbtTriplet (StHbtParticle *, StHbtParticle *, StHbtParticle *)
StHbtParticletrack1 () const
StHbtParticletrack2 () const
StHbtParticletrack3 () const
void SetTrack1 (const StHbtParticle *trkPtr)
void SetTrack2 (const StHbtParticle *trkPtr)
void SetTrack3 (const StHbtParticle *trkPtr)
StHbtLorentzVector fourMomentum () const
double qInv () const
double qInv12 () const
double qInv23 () const
double qInv31 () const
double kT () const
double mInv () const
double quality () const
double NominalTpcExitSeparation () const
double NominalTpcEntranceSeparation () const
double NominalTpcAverageSeparation () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file StHbtTriplet.hh.

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