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StHelix Member List

This is the complete list of members for StHelix, including all inherited members.

at(double s) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
bad(double world=1.e+5) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
cat(double s) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
curvature() const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
cx(double s) const StHelixinline
cy(double s) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
cz(double s=0) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
dipAngle() const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
distance(const StThreeVector< double > &p, bool scanPeriods=true) const StHelix
fudgePathLength(const StThreeVector< double > &) const StHelixprotected
h() const StHelixinline
mCosDipAngle (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mCosPhase (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mCurvature (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mDipAngle (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mH (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mOrigin (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
moveOrigin(double s)StHelixvirtual
mPhase (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mSinDipAngle (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mSingularity (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
mSinPhase (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
NoSolution (defined in StHelix)StHelixstatic
origin() const StHelixinline
pathLength(double r) const StHelix
pathLength(double r, double x, double y)StHelix
pathLength(const StThreeVector< double > &p, bool scanPeriods=true) const StHelix
pathLength(const StThreeVector< double > &r, const StThreeVector< double > &n) const StHelix
pathLength(double x, double y) const StHelixinline
pathLengths(const StHelix &, double minStepSize=10 *micrometer, double minRange=10 *centimeter) const StHelix
period() const StHelix
phase() const StHelixinline
setCurvature(double) (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
setDipAngle(double) (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
setParameters(double c, double dip, double phase, const StThreeVector< double > &o, int h)StHelix
StHelix(double c, double dip, double phase, const StThreeVector< double > &o, int h=-1)StHelix
StHelix() (defined in StHelix)StHelixprotected
valid(double world=1.e+5) const StHelixinline
x(double s) const StHelixinline
xcenter() const StHelix
y(double s) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
ycenter() const StHelix
z(double s) const (defined in StHelix)StHelixinline
~StHelix() (defined in StHelix)StHelixvirtual