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StHelixHelper Class Reference

#include <StHelixHelper.h>

Inheritance diagram for StHelixHelper:

Public Types

enum  { kInnerHelix, kOutterHelix }

Public Member Functions

 StHelixHelper (const StPhysicalHelix &helix, const StPhysicalHelix &outerHelix, double length)
 StHelixHelper (const StHelixHelper &helper)
float GetLength () const
virtual StPhysicalHelixDGetHelix (int idx=0) const
virtual THelixTrackGetTHelix (int idx=0) const
virtual Float_t * GetPoints (int &npoints) const

Static Public Member Functions

static THelixTrackMyHelix (THelixTrack *myHlx, const StHelixD *evHlx)

Detailed Description

Valeri Fine, Sep 2009

Definition at line 25 of file StHelixHelper.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StHelixHelper::StHelixHelper ( const StPhysicalHelix helix,
const StPhysicalHelix outerHelix,
double  length 

StHelixHelper is to convert the track object defined by 2 StHelix objects and length into the array of 3D points

Definition at line 33 of file StHelixHelper.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

Float_t * StHelixHelper::GetPoints ( int &  npoints) const

Create the Float_t array of the npoints point The end-use code is repsonsible to destroy

Definition at line 108 of file StHelixHelper.cxx.

References THelixTrack::Backward(), and THelixTrack::Eval().

Referenced by StuDraw3DEvent::Track().

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