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StHiMicroTrack Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

Float_t PtPr () const
Float_t PtGl () const
Float_t CurvPr () const
Float_t CurvGl () const
Float_t EtaPr () const
Float_t PhiPr () const
Float_t EtaGl () const
Float_t PhiGl () const
Float_t DcaPr () const
Float_t DcaGl () const
Float_t DcaXYPr () const
Float_t DcaXYGl () const
Float_t DcaZGl () const
Float_t Dedx () const
Float_t Chi2 () const
Float_t FirstZ () const
Float_t LastZ () const
Short_t FirstPadRow () const
Short_t LastPadRow () const
Short_t InnerPadList () const
Int_t OuterPadList () const
Short_t FirstSector () const
Short_t LastSector () const
Float_t DipAnglePr () const
Float_t DipAngleGl () const
Float_t CrossingAngle () const
Float_t ResPtGlPr () const
Float_t ResCurvGlPr () const
Short_t DedxPts () const
Short_t FitPts () const
Short_t AllPts () const
Short_t MaxPossPts () const
Short_t Flag () const
Short_t Charge () const
Float_t AvgOutXYRes () const
Float_t AvgInXYRes () const
void SetPtPr (Float_t val)
void SetPtGl (Float_t val)
void SetCurvPr (Float_t val)
void SetCurvGl (Float_t val)
void SetEtaPr (Float_t val)
void SetPhiPr (Float_t val)
void SetEtaGl (Float_t val)
void SetPhiGl (Float_t val)
void SetDcaPr (Float_t val)
void SetDcaGl (Float_t val)
void SetDcaXYPr (Float_t val)
void SetDcaXYGl (Float_t val)
void SetDcaZGl (Float_t val)
void SetDedx (Float_t val)
void SetDedxPts (Int_t val)
void SetChi2 (Float_t val)
void SetFirstZ (Float_t val)
void SetLastZ (Float_t val)
void SetFirstPadrow (Short_t val)
void SetLastPadrow (Short_t val)
void SetInnerPadList (Short_t val)
void SetOuterPadList (Int_t val)
void SetFirstSector (Short_t val)
void SetLastSector (Short_t val)
void SetDipAnglePr (Float_t val)
void SetDipAngleGl (Float_t val)
void SetCrossingAngle (Float_t val)
void SetFitPts (Short_t val)
void SetAllPts (Short_t val)
void SetMaxPossPts (Short_t val)
void SetFlag (Short_t val)
void SetCharge (Short_t val)
void SetAvgOutXYRes (Float_t val)
void SetAvgInXYRes (Float_t val)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file StHiMicroTrack.h.

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