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StHistUtil Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual void Clear ()
virtual void SetDebug (Bool_t dbg=kTRUE)
virtual Bool_t Debug ()
virtual Int_t DrawHists (const Char_t *dirName="EventQA")
virtual Int_t ListHists (const Char_t *dirName="EventQA")
virtual TList * FindHists (const Char_t *dirName="EventQA", const Char_t *withPrefix=0)
virtual TList * FindHists (TFile *histFile, const Char_t *withPrefix=0)
virtual Int_t CopyHists (TList *dirList)
virtual Int_t AddHists (TList *dirList, Int_t nHistCopy=-1)
virtual void IgnorePrefixes (Bool_t ignore=kTRUE)
virtual Int_t PrintInfoHists (TList *dirList, const Char_t *fname="printinfo.out")
virtual void SetRefAnalysis (const Char_t *refOutFile, const Char_t *refResultsFile, const Char_t *refCutsFile=0, const Char_t *refInFile=0)
virtual void SetDefaultLogYList (const Char_t *dirName="EventQA")
virtual Int_t AddToLogYList (const Char_t *HistName="")
virtual Int_t RemoveFromLogYList (const Char_t *HistName="")
virtual Int_t ExamineLogYList ()
virtual void SetDefaultLogXList (const Char_t *dirName="EventQA")
virtual Int_t AddToLogXList (const Char_t *HistName="")
virtual Int_t RemoveFromLogXList (const Char_t *HistName="")
virtual Int_t ExamineLogXList ()
virtual void SetDefaultPrintList (const Char_t *dirName="EventQA", const Char_t *analType="FullTable")
virtual Int_t AddToPrintList (const Char_t *HistName="")
virtual Int_t RemoveFromPrintList (const Char_t *HistName="")
virtual Int_t ExaminePrintList ()
virtual Int_t Overlay1D (Char_t *dirName, Char_t *inHist1, Char_t *inHist2)
virtual Int_t Overlay2D (Char_t *dirName, Char_t *inHist1, Char_t *inHist2)
virtual Int_t GetRunYear (const Char_t *filename)
virtual void SetDetectors (const Char_t *detectors)
virtual Bool_t DetectorIn (const Char_t *detector)
void SetHistsNamesDraw (const Char_t *firstName="*", const Char_t *lastName="*")
void SetZones (Int_t columns=2, Int_t rows=3)
void SetPaperSize (Int_t width=20, Int_t height=24)
void SetOutFile (const Char_t *fileName="", const Char_t *type=0)
void SetPostScriptFile (const Char_t *psFileName="")
void SetPDFFile (const Char_t *pdfFileName="")
void SetPntrToMaker (StMaker *m1)
void SetPntrToPlainFile (TFile *m1)
void SetGlobalTitle (const Char_t *globalTitle="")
TH1 ** getNewHist ()
Int_t getNewHistSize ()
Int_t GetNumOfPosPrefixes ()
const Char_t * GetPrefix (Int_t n)
const Char_t * GetSuffix (Int_t n)
virtual const char * GetCVS () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void CloseOutFile ()
virtual TString StripPrefixes (const Char_t *histName, Int_t &prenum, Int_t mode=1)
virtual Bool_t CheckOutFile (const Char_t *histName)
virtual TList * TrimListByPrefix (TList *dList, const Char_t *withPrefix)
virtual TH1 * FlipAxes (TH1 *hist)
virtual void PathCopy (char *destination, const char *source)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 97 of file StHistUtil.h.

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