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StHltDiElectron Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StHltDiElectron:
StHltTriggerReasonCapable StObject

Public Member Functions

 StHltDiElectron ()
 default constructor More...
float invariantMass () const
 return invariant mass of di-electron pairs
float pt () const
float psi () const
float tanl () const
StHltTrackdaughter1primaryTrack ()
 return object of StHltTrack
const StHltTrackdaughter1primaryTrack () const
StHltTrackdaughter1globalTrack ()
 return object of StHltTrack
const StHltTrackdaughter1globalTrack () const
StHltBTofHitdaughter1bTofHit ()
 return object of StHltBTofHit
const StHltBTofHitdaughter1bTofHit () const
StHltBEmcTowerHitdaughter1bEmcTowerHit ()
 return object of StHltBEmcTowerHit
const StHltBEmcTowerHitdaughter1bEmcTowerHit () const
int daughter1SelectionBit () const
int daughter1globalTrackSN () const
int daughter1primaryTrackSN () const
int daughter1tofHitSN () const
int daughter1emcTowerSN () const
double daughter1bEmcMatchPhiDiff () const
double daughter1bEmcMatchZEdge () const
float daughter1bTofProjChannel () const
float daughter1bTofCellLocalY () const
float daughter1bTofCellLocalZ () const
float daughter1bTofPathLength () const
float daughter1beta () const
float daughter1tof () const
StHltTrackdaughter2primaryTrack ()
 return object of StHltTrack
const StHltTrackdaughter2primaryTrack () const
StHltTrackdaughter2globalTrack ()
 return object of StHltTrack
const StHltTrackdaughter2globalTrack () const
StHltBTofHitdaughter2bTofHit ()
 return object of StHltBTofHit
const StHltBTofHitdaughter2bTofHit () const
StHltBEmcTowerHitdaughter2bEmcTowerHit ()
 return object of StHltBEmcTowerHit
const StHltBEmcTowerHitdaughter2bEmcTowerHit () const
int daughter2SelectionBit () const
int daughter2globalTrackSN () const
int daughter2primaryTrackSN () const
int daughter2tofHitSN () const
int daughter2emcTowerSN () const
double daughter2bEmcMatchPhiDiff () const
double daughter2bEmcMatchZEdge () const
float daughter2bTofProjChannel () const
float daughter2bTofCellLocalY () const
float daughter2bTofCellLocalZ () const
float daughter2bTofPathLength () const
float daughter2beta () const
float daughter2tof () const
void setInvariantMass (float)
void setPt (float)
void setPsi (float)
void setTanl (float)
void setDaughter1GlobalTrack (const StHltTrack &)
void setDaughter1PrimaryTrack (const StHltTrack &)
void setDaughter1BTofHit (const StHltBTofHit &)
void setDaughter1BEmcTowerHit (const StHltBEmcTowerHit &)
void setDaughter1SelectionBit (int)
void setDaughter1GlobalTrackSN (int)
void setDaughter1PrimaryTrackSN (int)
void setDaughter1TofHitSN (int)
void setDaughter1EmcTowerSN (int)
void setDaughter1BEmcMatchPhiDiff (double)
void setDaughter1BEmcMatchZEdge (double)
void setDaughter1BTofProjChannel (float)
void setDaughter1BTofCellLocalY (float)
void setDaughter1BTofCellLocalZ (float)
void setDaughter1BTofPathLength (float)
void setDaughter1Beta (float)
void setDaughter1Tof (float)
void setDaughter2GlobalTrack (const StHltTrack &)
void setDaughter2PrimaryTrack (const StHltTrack &)
void setDaughter2BTofHit (const StHltBTofHit &)
void setDaughter2BEmcTowerHit (const StHltBEmcTowerHit &)
void setDaughter2SelectionBit (int)
void setDaughter2GlobalTrackSN (int)
void setDaughter2PrimaryTrackSN (int)
void setDaughter2TofHitSN (int)
void setDaughter2EmcTowerSN (int)
void setDaughter2BEmcMatchPhiDiff (double)
void setDaughter2BEmcMatchZEdge (double)
void setDaughter2BTofProjChannel (float)
void setDaughter2BTofCellLocalY (float)
void setDaughter2BTofCellLocalZ (float)
void setDaughter2BTofPathLength (float)
void setDaughter2Beta (float)
void setDaughter2Tof (float)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file StHltDiElectron.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StHltDiElectron::StHltDiElectron ( )

default constructor

< default constructor

Definition at line 22 of file StHltDiElectron.cxx.

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