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StJetEvent Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Clear (Option_t *option="")
int runId () const
int eventId () const
const TDatime & dateTime () const
int year () const
int month () const
int day () const
int hour () const
int minute () const
int second () const
time_t unixTime () const
int numberOfVertices () const
int numberOfJets () const
int numberOfTracks () const
int numberOfTowers () const
int numberOfParticles () const
StJetVertexvertex (int i=0) const
StJetCandidatejet (int i) const
StJetTracktrack (int i) const
StJetTowertower (int i) const
StJetParticleparticle (int i) const
TClonesArray * vertices () const
TClonesArray * jets () const
TClonesArray * tracks () const
TClonesArray * towers () const
TClonesArray * particles () const
StJetVertexnewVertex ()
StJetCandidatenewJet (const TVector3 &vertex, const TLorentzVector &fourMomentum, float area=0, float area_error=0)
StJetTracknewTrack ()
StJetTowernewTower ()
StJetParticlenewParticle ()


class StjeJetEventTreeWriter
class StJetMaker2009
class StJetMaker2012

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file StJetEvent.h.

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