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StJetVertex Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

const TVector3 & position () const
const TVector3 & posError () const
int vertexFinderId () const
float ranking () const
int nTracksUsed () const
int nBTOFMatch () const
int nCTBMatch () const
int nBEMCMatch () const
int nEEMCMatch () const
int nCrossCentralMembrane () const
float sumTrackPt () const
float meanDip () const
float chiSquared () const
int refMultPos () const
int refMultNeg () const
int refMult () const
int refMultFtpcEast () const
int refMultFtpcWest () const
int refMultFtpc () const
const TRefArray & jets () const
int numberOfJets () const
StJetCandidatejet (int i) const
StJetCandidateaddJet (StJetCandidate *jet)


class StjeJetEventTreeWriter
class StJetMaker2009
class StJetMaker2012
class StUEMaker2009

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file StJetVertex.h.

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