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StKFVerticesCollection Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StKFVerticesCollection:

Public Member Functions

 StKFVerticesCollection (Int_t NoPeaks=0, Double_t *zOfPeaks=0, Double_t sigmaXY=1.5, Double_t sigmaZ=2)
void AddVertex (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z, Double_t sigmaXY, Double_t sigmaZ)
void AddVertex (StKFVertex *vtx)
Int_t NoVertices () const
StKFVertexRemove (Int_t k=0)
Double_t DoTrack2VertexAssociation (const TObjArray &particles)
Double_t UpdateStVertexTrackAssociation ()
void CleanDuplicatedVertices ()
void MergeDuplicatedVertices ()
void UpdateWeights ()
void UniqueTracks2VertexAssociation ()
void Compress ()
Double_t Fit (Int_t marker=0, TCanvas *c1=0, TH1 *Vtx=0)
StKFVertex *& Vertex (Int_t l)
const StKFVertexVertex (Int_t l) const
void operator+= (StKFVerticesCollection &col)
void SetMc (Int_t NoMuMcVertex=0, Int_t NoMuMcTrack=0, const Float_t *time=0, const Float_t *x=0, const Float_t *y=0, const Float_t *z=0, const Int_t *NoDaughters=0, const Int_t *IdParTrk=0, const Int_t *gePid=0)
virtual void Print (const Option_t *opt="") const

Static Public Member Functions

static void SetVxPenaltyFactor (Double_t chi2=1000)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file StKFVerticesCollection.h.

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