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StKinkController Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StKinkController:

Public Member Functions

virtual Int_t MakeReadDst ()
virtual Int_t MakeCreateDst (StEvent &event)
virtual Int_t MakeCreateMcDst (StMcVertex *mcVert)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StStrangeControllerBase
 StStrangeControllerBase (Int_t type)
TClonesArray * GetArray (Int_t branchType)
TClonesArray * GetDataArray ()
TClonesArray * GetMcArray ()
TClonesArray * GetAssocArray ()
Int_t GetN (Int_t branchType)
Int_t GetN ()
Int_t GetNMc ()
Int_t GetNAssoc ()
StStrangeMuDstGet (Int_t i, Int_t branchType)
StStrangeMuDstGet (Int_t i=0)
StStrangeMuDstGetMc (Int_t i=0)
StStrangeAssocGetAssoc (Int_t i=0)
virtual void Clear (Option_t *opt=0)
virtual void Finish ()
virtual void Select (Int_t i=-1)
virtual void Unselect (Int_t i=-1)
virtual void InitReadDst ()
virtual void InitCreateDst ()
virtual void InitCreateSubDst ()
virtual Int_t MakeCreateSubDst ()
TClass * GetDataClass () const
TClass * GetMcClass () const
TClass * GetAssocClass () const
void PrintNumMc ()
const char * GetMcName () const
const char * GetAssocName () const
void SetBufferSize (Int_t b)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from StStrangeControllerBase
static StStrangeControllerBaseInstantiate (Int_t type)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from StStrangeControllerBase
static StStrangeMuDstMakercurrentMaker = 0
- Protected Member Functions inherited from StStrangeControllerBase
StStrangeControllerBaseGetDstController ()
void PrintNumCand (const char *text, Int_t num)
TBranch * AssignBranch (const char *name, TClonesArray **address)
- Protected Attributes inherited from StStrangeControllerBase
Bool_t doMc
TClonesArray * dataArray
TClonesArray * mcArray
TClonesArray * assocArray
TClonesArray * tempArray
TTree * tree
char * file
Int_t dstType
TClass * dataClass
TClass * mcClass
TClass * assocClass
TArrayI * selections
TArrayS * keepers
Int_t nEntries
Int_t entries
Int_t mcEntries
Int_t assocEntries
Int_t increment
Int_t max
Int_t bsize
TString mcName
TString assocName

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file StStrangeControllerInclude.h.

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