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StMessage Member List

This is the complete list of members for StMessage, including all inherited members.

GetMemoryUsage() (defined in StMessage)StMessage
GetMessage() const (defined in StMessage)StMessageinline
GetOption() const (defined in StMessage)StMessageinline
GetOptions() const (defined in StMessage)StMessage
GetTime() (defined in StMessage)StMessageinline
GetType() const (defined in StMessage)StMessageinline
message (defined in StMessage)StMessageprotected
messTime (defined in StMessage)StMessageprotected
option (defined in StMessage)StMessageprotected
Print(int nChars=-1) (defined in StMessage)StMessage
PrintInfo() (defined in StMessage)StMessage
SetOptions(const char *opt) (defined in StMessage)StMessage
StMessage() (defined in StMessage)StMessageinline
StMessage(const char *mess="", const char *ty="I", const char *opt="O") (defined in StMessage)StMessage
StMessage(const StMessage &) (defined in StMessage)StMessageinline
StMessageManager (defined in StMessage)StMessagefriend
type (defined in StMessage)StMessageprotected
~StMessage() (defined in StMessage)StMessagevirtual