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StMtdGeometry Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StMtdGeometry:

Public Member Functions

 StMtdGeometry (const char *name="mtdGeo", const char *title="Simplified Mtd Geometry", TGeoManager *manager=0)
 EMC system outer radius.
void Init (StMaker *maker)
void DebugOn ()
void DebugOff ()
Bool_t IsDebugOn ()
void SetNExtraCells (Int_t val)
Bool_t ProjToMagOutR (const StPhysicalHelixD helix, const StThreeVectorD vertex, StPhysicalHelixD &outHelix, Double_t &pathL, Double_t &tof, StThreeVectorD &pos)
void ProjToVertex (const StPhysicalHelixD helix, const StThreeVectorD vertex, Double_t &pathL, Double_t &tof, StThreeVectorD &dcaPos)
Bool_t ProjToBLModVect (const StPhysicalHelixD helix, IntVec &blVect, IntVec &modVect)
Bool_t HelixCrossCellIds (const StPhysicalHelixD helix, const StThreeVectorD vertex, IntVec &idVec, DoubleVec &pathVec, PointVec &crossVec, DoubleVec &tofVec)
Bool_t HelixCrossCellIds (const StPhysicalHelixD helix, IntVec &idVec, DoubleVec &pathVec, PointVec &crossVec, DoubleVec &tofVec)
Int_t CalcCellId (Int_t iBL, Int_t iMod, Int_t iCel)
Bool_t IsIdValid (Int_t id)
 return BL*1000+Module*100+(Cell+50). BL: 1-30, Module: 1-5, Cell: 0-11.
Int_t FindBLId (Double_t phi)
Int_t FindModId (Double_t z)
void SetBFactor (Float_t val)
void SetELossFlag (Bool_t val)
void SetCosmicFlag (Bool_t val)
void SetLockBField (Bool_t val)
void DecodeCellId (Int_t id, Int_t &iBL, Int_t &iMod, Int_t &iCell)
StThreeVectorD GetField (StThreeVectorD pos) const
StThreeVectorD GetField (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z) const
Double_t GetFieldZ (StThreeVectorD pos) const
Double_t GetFieldZ (Double_t x, Double_t y, Double_t z) const
StMtdGeoModuleGetGeoModule (Int_t iBL, Int_t iMod) const

Protected Member Functions

Bool_t IsMTTG (const TGeoVolume *vol) const
Bool_t IsMTRA (const TGeoVolume *vol) const
void RemoveDuplicate (IntVec &vec)
const char * GetCVS () const
 ClassDef (StMtdGeometry, 1)

Protected Attributes

Bool_t mDebug
Bool_t mCosmicFlag
 Control message printing of this class.
Bool_t mELossFlag
 Cosmic event flag.
Bool_t mLockBField
 Control energy loss flag.
Int_t mNExtraCells
 Control mag field to FF.
Int_t mNValidBLs
 Control matching range in the module.
Int_t mMTTG2BL [gMtdNBacklegs]
Int_t mMTRA2Mod [gMtdNBacklegs][gMtdNModules]
Float_t mBFactor
StMtdGeoBacklegmMtdGeoBackleg [gMtdNBacklegs]
StMtdGeoModulemMtdGeoModule [gMtdNBacklegs][gMtdNModules]
TF1 * fMagEloss
TGeoManager * mGeoManager

Static Protected Attributes

static const char * backlegPref [4] = {"MTMT","MTMF","MTTG","MTT1"}
 EMC system outer radius.
static const char * modulePref = "MTRA"

Detailed Description

Definition at line 191 of file StMtdGeometry.h.

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