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StMuBTofPidTraits Class Reference

#include <StMuBTofPidTraits.h>

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Public Member Functions

StBTofPidTraitscreateBTofPidTraits () const
unsigned char matchFlag () const
 Matching information.
float yLocal () const
float zLocal () const
float thetaLocal () const
StThreeVectorFposition ()
const StThreeVectorFposition () const
float timeOfFlight () const
 timing for PID
float pathLength () const
float beta () const
float sigmaElectron () const
 PID functions.
float sigmaPion () const
float sigmaKaon () const
float sigmaProton () const
float probElectron () const
float probPion () const
float probKaon () const
float probProton () const
void setBTofPidTraits (const StBTofPidTraits *)
void setMatchFlag (unsigned char)
void setYLocal (float)
void setZLocal (float)
void setThetaLocal (float)
void setPosition (const StThreeVectorF &)
void setTimeOfFlight (float)
void setPathLength (float)
void setBeta (float)
void setSigmaElectron (float)
void setSigmaPion (float)
void setSigmaKaon (float)
void setSigmaProton (float)
void setProbElectron (float)
void setProbPion (float)
void setProbKaon (float)
void setProbProton (float)

Detailed Description

Xin Dong, Nov 2008

Definition at line 37 of file StMuBTofPidTraits.h.

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