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StMuL3EventSummary Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StMuL3EventSummary:

Public Member Functions

void clear ()
int numberOfProcessedEvents () const
int numberOfReconstructedEvents () const
unsigned int numberOfTracks () const
unsigned int numberOfAlgorithms () const
int unbiasedTriggerPreScale () const
bool unbiasedTrigger () const
bool zVertexTrigger () const
unsigned int l0TriggerWord () const
StThreeVectorF primaryVertex () const

Protected Member Functions

void fill (const StEvent *)

Protected Attributes

int mNumberOfProcessedEvents
int mNumberReconstructedEvents
int mNumberOfTracks
int mNumberOfAlgorithms
unsigned char mFlags
unsigned int mL0TriggerWord
int mUnbiasedPreScale
StThreeVectorF mPrimaryVertex


class StMuEvent

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file StMuL3EventSummary.h.

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