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StMuPrimaryVertex Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 StMuPrimaryVertex (const StPrimaryVertex *vertex)
Int_t flag () const
StThreeVectorF position () const
StThreeVectorF posError () const
StVertexFinderId vertexFinderId () const
Float_t ranking () const
UShort_t nTracksUsed () const
UShort_t nBTOFMatch () const
UShort_t nCTBMatch () const
UShort_t nBEMCMatch () const
UShort_t nEEMCMatch () const
UShort_t nPostXtracks () const
UShort_t nPromptTracks () const
UShort_t nBTOFNotMatch () const
UShort_t nCTBNotMatch () const
UShort_t nBEMCNotMatch () const
UShort_t nEEMCNotMatch () const
UShort_t nCrossCentralMembrane () const
UShort_t nTpcWestOnly () const
UShort_t nTpcEastOnly () const
Float_t sumTrackPt () const
Float_t meanDip () const
Float_t chiSquared () const
UShort_t noTracks () const
UShort_t refMultPos () const
UShort_t refMultNeg () const
UShort_t refMult () const
UShort_t refMultFtpcEast () const
UShort_t refMultFtpcWest () const
UShort_t refMultFtpc () const
void setPosition (const StThreeVectorF &pos)
void setPosError (const StThreeVectorF &pos_err)
Int_t idTruth () const
Int_t qaTruth () const
Int_t idParent () const
void setFlag (Int_t val)
void setIdTruth (Int_t idtru, Int_t qatru=0)
void setIdParent (Int_t id)
Bool_t isBeamConstrained () const
virtual void Print (Option_t *option="") const
 Print essential vertex info.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file StMuPrimaryVertex.h.

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