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StParticleDefinition Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StParticleDefinition:
StBaryon StBoson StIon StLepton StMeson StAntiLambda StAntiLambda1520 StAntiLambdacPlus StAntiNeutron StAntiOmegacZero StAntiOmegaMinus StAntiProton StAntiSigmacPlus StAntiSigmacPlusPlus StAntiSigmacZero StAntiSigmaMinus StAntiSigmaMinus1385 StAntiSigmaPlus StAntiSigmaPlus1385 StAntiSigmaZero StAntiXicPlus StAntiXicZero StAntiXiMinus StAntiXiZero StH0Strangelet StHDibaryon StLambda StLambda1520 StLambdacPlus StNeutron StOmegacZero StOmegaMinus StProton StSigmacPlus StSigmacPlusPlus StSigmacZero StSigmaMinus StSigmaMinus1385 StSigmaPlus StSigmaPlus1385 StSigmaZero StXicPlus StXicZero StXiMinus StXiZero StXiZero1530 StCerenkov StGamma StOpticalPhoton StWMinusBoson StWPlusBoson StZZeroBoson StAlpha StAntiAlpha StAntiDeuteron StAntiHelium3 StAntiHyperTriton StAntiTriton StDeuteron StGeantino StH4Lambda StH4LambdaBar StHe3 StHe4Lambda StHe4LambdaBar StHe5Lambda StHe5LambdaBar StHelium3 StHyperTriton StTriton StAntiNeutrinoE StAntiNeutrinoMu StAntiNeutrinoTau StElectron StMuonMinus StMuonPlus StNeutrinoE StNeutrinoMu StNeutrinoTau StPositron StTauMinus StTauPlus StAntiBMesonZero StAntiBsMesonZero StAntiDMesonZero StAntiDStarMesonZero StAntiKaonZero StBMesonMinus StBMesonPlus StBMesonZero StBsMesonZero StDalitz StDMesonMinus StDMesonPlus StDMesonZero StDsMesonMinus StDsMesonPlus StDStarMesonMinus StDStarMesonPlus StDStarMesonZero StEta StEtaPrime StJPsi StKaonMinus StKaonPlus StKaonZero StKaonZeroLong StKaonZeroMode0809 StKaonZeroShort StKStarZero StOmegaMeson StPhi StPionMinus StPionPlus StPionZero StPsi2s StRhoMinus StRhoPlus StRhoZero StUpsilon StUpsilon2S StUpsilon3S

Public Member Functions

 StParticleDefinition (const string &aName, double mass, double width, double charge, int iSpin, int iParity, int iConjugation, int iIsospin, int iIsospinZ, int gParity, const string &pType, int lepton, int baryon, int encoding, bool stable, double lifetime)
int operator== (const StParticleDefinition &right) const
int operator!= (const StParticleDefinition &right) const
string name () const
double mass () const
double width () const
double charge () const
double spin () const
int iSpin () const
int iParity () const
int iConjugation () const
double isospin () const
double isospin3 () const
int iIsospin () const
int iIsospin3 () const
int iGParity () const
string type () const
int leptonNumber () const
int baryonNumber () const
int pdgEncoding () const
int antiPdgEncoding () const
bool stable () const
double lifeTime () const
StParticleTableparticleTable () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file StParticleDefinition.hh.

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