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StPicoDstReader Class Reference

Allows to read picoDst file(s) More...

#include <StPicoDstReader.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StPicoDstReader (const Char_t *inFileName)
 ~StPicoDstReader ()
StPicoDstpicoDst ()
 Return a pointer to picoDst (return NULL if no dst is found)
TChain * chain ()
 Return pointer to the chain of .picoDst.root files.
TTree * tree ()
 Return pointer to the current TTree.
void SetStatus (const Char_t *branchNameRegex, Int_t enable)
 Set enable/disable branch matching when reading picoDst.
void Init ()
 Calls openRead()
Bool_t readPicoEvent (Long64_t iEvent)
 Read next event in the chain.
Bool_t ReadPicoEvent (Long64_t iEvent)
 Read next event in the chain.
void Finish ()
 Close files and finilize.

Detailed Description

Allows to read picoDst file(s)

This class allows to read picoDst.root file or a list of files that contain picoDst and sets up pointers to the picoDst, and certain TClonesArrays that keep Event, Track, BTofHit, etc... One can also turn on or off certain branches using the SetStatus method.

Grigory Nigmatkulov
May 28, 2018

Definition at line 31 of file StPicoDstReader.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

StPicoDstReader::StPicoDstReader ( const Char_t *  inFileName)

Constructor that takes either picoDst file or file that contains a list of picoDst.root files

Definition at line 44 of file StPicoDstReader.cxx.

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