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StPicoFmsHit Class Reference

Holds information about FMS hit. More...

#include <StPicoFmsHit.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StPicoFmsHit ()
 Default constructor.
 StPicoFmsHit (Int_t detectorId, Int_t channelId, Int_t adc)
 Constructor that takes values.
 StPicoFmsHit (const StPicoFmsHit &hit)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~StPicoFmsHit ()
virtual void Print (const Char_t *option="") const
 Prints FMS hit information.
Int_t detectorId () const
 Return detector ID [0,31].
Int_t channel () const
 Return channel [0,2047].
Int_t adc () const
 Return ADC.
void setChannelDetectorId (Int_t channelId, Int_t detectorId)
 Set channel and detector ID.
void setAdc (Float_t adc)
 Set ADC.
void setAdc (Int_t adc)
 Set ADC.

Detailed Description

Holds information about FMS hit.

The class keeps information about the hit from Forward Meson Spectrometer

Peifeng Liu, Stony Brook University,

Definition at line 17 of file StPicoFmsHit.h.

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