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StPicoMtdPidTraits Class Reference

Holds information about MTD-matched track. More...

#include <StPicoMtdPidTraits.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StPicoMtdPidTraits ()
 Default constructor.
 StPicoMtdPidTraits (const StPicoMtdPidTraits &traits)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~StPicoMtdPidTraits ()
virtual void Print (const Char_t *option="") const
 Print MTD PID traits information.
Int_t trackIndex () const
 Return assiciated track index.
Int_t mtdHitIndex () const
 Return hit index.
Int_t gChannel () const
 Return hit channel.
Int_t backleg () const
 Return backleg number.
Int_t module () const
 Return module number.
Int_t cell () const
 Return cell number.
Int_t matchFlag () const
 Return match flag.
Float_t deltaY () const
 Return delta Y.
Float_t deltaZ () const
 Return delta Z.
Float_t deltaTimeOfFlight () const
 Return difference between measured and expected time of flight.
Float_t beta () const
 Return beta.
void setTrackIndex (Int_t index)
 Set track index of the associated track.
void setMtdHitIndex (Int_t index)
 Set MTD hit index.
void setMatchFlag (Char_t flag)
 Set match flag.
void setDeltaY (Float_t dy)
 Set delta Y.
void setDeltaZ (Float_t dz)
 Set delta Z.
void setDeltaTimeOfFlight (Float_t t)
 Set difference between measured and expected time of flight.
void setBeta (Float_t beta)
 Set beta.
void setHitChannel (Int_t backleg, Int_t module, Int_t cell)
 Set hit channel: (backleg-1) * 60 + (module-1) * 12 + cell.

Detailed Description

Holds information about MTD-matched track.

The class stores information about related to the track that matched the Muon Telescope Detector (MTD)

Definition at line 16 of file StPicoMtdPidTraits.h.

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