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StPicoTrackCovMatrix Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for StPicoTrackCovMatrix:

Public Member Functions

 StPicoTrackCovMatrix ()
 Default constructor.
 StPicoTrackCovMatrix (const StPicoTrackCovMatrix &matrix)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~StPicoTrackCovMatrix ()
virtual void Print (Char_t const *option="") const
 Print option.
Float_t * params ()
 Return address to the first parameter.
const Float_t * params () const
 Return address to the first parameter.
const Float_t * sigmas () const
 Return pointer to the sigma array.
const Float_t * correlations () const
 Return pointer to the correlation array.
Float_t imp () const
 Return impact.
Float_t z () const
 Return z.
Float_t psi () const
 Return psi.
Float_t pti () const
 Return pti.
Float_t tan () const
 Return tangent.
Float_t curv () const
 Return curvature.
Bool_t isBadCovMatrix ()
void setParams (Float_t params[6])
 Set 6 values (main values)
void setSigmas (Float_t sigmas[5])
 Set 5 sigma parameters.
void setCorrelations (Float_t corr[10])
 Set 10 correlation parameters.
void setImp (Float_t imp)
 Set impact.
void setZ (Float_t z)
 Set z.
void setPsi (Float_t psi)
 Set psi.
void setPti (Float_t pti)
 Set pti.
void setTan (Float_t tan)
 Set tangent.
void setCurv (Float_t curv)
 Set curvature.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file StPicoTrackCovMatrix.h.

Member Function Documentation

Bool_t StPicoTrackCovMatrix::isBadCovMatrix ( )

Return true, if all values 0. It corresponds to the case when track did not have a covariance matrix in MuDst

Definition at line 58 of file StPicoTrackCovMatrix.cxx.

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