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StRichCluster Class Reference

#include <StRichCluster.h>

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Public Member Functions

 StRichCluster (int nPads, int nLocMax, int fPad, float ampSum, float amp2Sum, float rms2)
int operator== (const StRichCluster &) const
int numberOfPads () const
int numberOfLocalMax () const
int firstPad () const
float minimumAmplitudeOfLocalMax () const
float amplitudeSum () const
float amplitude2Sum () const
float rms2 () const
float rms2Calc ()
void increaseNumberOfLocalMax ()
void increaseNumberOfPads ()
void setFirstPad (int index)
void setNumberOfPads (int newNPads)
void updateAmplitude (float newamp)
void setMinimumAmplitudeOfLocalMax (float newLocMax)
- Public Member Functions inherited from StObject
 StObject (const StObject &sto)
StObjectoperator= (const StObject &sto)
virtual TObject * clone () const
Int_t isZombie () const
virtual void makeZombie (int flg=1)
UInt_t Ztreamer (TBuffer &R__b)
 ClassDef (StObject, 3) static UInt_t fgTally

Detailed Description


Definition at line 38 of file StRichCluster.h.

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