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StSimpleCluster_t Class Reference

The class. More...

#include <StSimpleCluster.h>

Inheritance diagram for StSimpleCluster_t:

Public Member Functions

 StSimpleCluster_t (Short_t mID_in=-1)
Short_t getID () const
Float_t getEnergy () const
TArrayS & getMemberArray ()
const TArrayS & getMemberArray () const
Short_t getMember (Int_t i) const
TArrayF & getWeightArray ()
const TArrayF & getWeightArray () const
Float_t getWeight (Int_t i) const
Int_t getSeedIdx () const
Int_t getSeedMember () const
Int_t getSeedWeight () const
Float_t getMeanX () const
Float_t getMeanY () const
void setID (const Short_t ID)
void setEnergy (const Float_t E)
void setMemberArray (const TArrayS array)
void setWeightArray (const TArrayF array)
void setSeedIdx (Int_t seedIdx)
void setMeanX (Float_t mean)
void setMeanY (Float_t mean)
StSimpleCluster_toperator+= (const StSimpleCluster_t &other)

Protected Attributes

Short_t mID
Float_t mE
Float_t mMeanX
Float_t mMeanY
TArrayS mMember
TArrayF mWeight
Int_t mSeedIdx


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const StSimpleCluster_t &clus)

Detailed Description

The class.

Stephen Gliske

See header file.

Stephen Gliske

The basic information needed to define a cluster:

This class is designed to be light weight and is optimized for using minimal storage space, i.e. so it can be easily and compactly saved as part of a TTree in a TFile. Note: all functions are inlined and default copy constructors, equal operators, and deconstructors are used.

Note: Only information that cannot be recomputed "quickly" is stored.

Definition at line 48 of file StSimpleCluster.h.

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