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StSsdLadder Class Reference

#include <StSsdLadder.hh>

Public Member Functions

 StSsdLadder (Int_t rLadderNumb, Int_t rSsdLayer, Int_t rNWaferPerLadder, Int_t rNStripPerSide)
void initWafers (St_ssdWafersPosition *wafpos)
void initWafers (St_ssdWafersPosition *wafpos, Int_t WafStatus[20][16])
Int_t getLadderNumb ()
Int_t getWaferPerLadder ()
StSsdWafergetWafer (Int_t i)
void debugUnPeu (Int_t monwafer)
Int_t idWaferToWafer (Int_t idWafer)
Int_t idWaferToWaferNumb (Int_t idWafer)
Int_t waferNumbToIdWafer (Int_t waferNumb)
void Reset ()
void SetDebug (Int_t k=0)
Int_t Debug ()

Public Attributes

StSsdWafer ** mWafers

Detailed Description

to be filled - doc by L.Martin
02/27/04 for the documentation

This class is the description of the SSD ladder objects. A ladder is made of :

Definition at line 38 of file StSsdLadder.hh.

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