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StSsdPackage Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StSsdPackage (Int_t rNPackage, StSsdClusterControl *control)
 StSsdPackage (Int_t rNPackage, Int_t rNMatched)
 StSsdPackage (const StSsdPackage &originalPackage)
StSsdPackageoperator= (const StSsdPackage originalPackage)
StSsdClusternext (StSsdCluster *ptr)
StSsdClusterprev (StSsdCluster *ptr)
StSsdClusterfirst ()
StSsdClusterlast ()
Int_t getNPackage ()
StSsdClustergetMatched (Int_t numMatched)
char * getKind ()
StSsdPackagegetPrevPackage ()
StSsdPackagegetNextPackage ()
void purgePackage ()
void takeMatcheds (StSsdPackage *ptr)
void setNPackage (Int_t rNPackage)
void setKind (char *rKind)
void setPrevPackage (StSsdPackage *rPrevPackage)
void setNextPackage (StSsdPackage *rNextPackage)
Int_t addNewMatched (StSsdCluster *ptr, Int_t maxMatcheds)
Int_t addKindPackage (Int_t numMatched, Int_t rSide, Int_t maxMatcheds)
Int_t removeMatched (StSsdCluster *ptr)
void exchangeTwoMatcheds (StSsdCluster *ptr1, StSsdCluster *ptr2)
void sortMatched ()
void renumMatched ()
Int_t getSize ()
Int_t isSorted ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file StSsdPackage.hh.

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