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StSstPoint Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StSstPoint (Int_t rNPoint, Int_t rNWafer, Int_t rNumPackage, Int_t rKindPackage)
 StSstPoint (Int_t rNId, Int_t rMcHit, Int_t rMcTrack, Float_t *rXg, Float_t rDe, Float_t *rAngle)
 StSstPoint (const StSstPoint &originalPoint)
StSstPointoperator= (const StSstPoint originalPoint)
void setAngle (Float_t rAngle, Int_t iR)
void setDe (Float_t rEnergyLoss, Int_t iR)
void setEnergyLoss (Float_t adcP, Float_t adcN)
void setEnergyLossCorrected (Float_t adcP, Float_t adcN, Float_t gain)
void setFlag (Int_t rFlag)
void setIdClusterP (Int_t iIdClusterP)
void setIdClusterN (Int_t iIdClusterN)
void setMcHit (Int_t rMcHit, Int_t i=0)
void setMcTrack (Int_t rMcTrack)
void setNextPoint (StSstPoint *rNextPoint)
void setNId (Int_t rNId)
void setNPoint (Int_t rNPoint)
void setNCluster (Int_t rNCluster)
void setNMatched (Int_t rNMatched)
void setNMchit (Int_t rNMchit, Int_t iR=0)
void setNWafer (Int_t rNWafer)
void setPrevPoint (StSstPoint *rPrevPoint)
void setPositionU (Float_t rPositionU, Int_t iR)
void setUpos (Float_t rUpos, Int_t iR)
void setXg (Float_t rXg, Int_t iR)
void setXl (Float_t rXl, Int_t iR)
Float_t getDe (Int_t iR=0)
Int_t getIdClusterP ()
Int_t getIdClusterN ()
Int_t getFlag ()
Int_t getMcHit (Int_t i=0)
Int_t getMcTrack ()
Int_t getNId ()
Int_t getNPoint ()
Int_t getNCluster ()
Int_t getNMatched ()
Int_t getNMchit (Int_t iR)
Int_t getNWafer ()
Float_t getPositionU (Int_t iR)
Float_t getXg (Int_t iR)
Float_t getXl (Int_t iR)
StSstPointgetPrevPoint ()
StSstPointgetNextPoint ()
StSstPointgiveCopy ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file StSstPoint.hh.

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